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20% of patients suffer from mental disorders according to this study


British scientists recently showed that people affected by Covid-19 are more likely to develop mental disorders in the first months after infection.

Disturbing conclusions

As part of this work recently presented in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, a team of researchersOxford analyzed the electronic medical records of nearly 70 million subjects residing in United States, of which 62,354 were confirmed cases of Covid-19. This allowed them to highlight the fact that coronavirus survivors were more likely to develop mental disorders, with 20% of these patients having been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or insomnia for the first time within 90 days. having taken their test.

According to the researchers, this figure was twice as high as that recorded in other subjects, suggesting that people who contracted the virus and had a history of mental disorders are also more likely to be re-diagnosed with this type of disease. pathologies.

Experts have suspected for a while that Covid-19 survivors are more prone to mental disorders, and the findings of this large study point in this direction “, valued Paul Harrison, professor of psychiatry who coordinated the research. ” Health services must be prepared to take charge of them, knowing that the true number of cases is probably underestimated. Research is urgently needed to study the causes and identify new treatments. “

Recent research has determined that 16% of people contracting Covid-19 will only have gastrointestinal symptoms – Noiel / Shutterstock.com

A combination of psychological and physical factors

Speaking on the link between coronavirus and mental illness, Michael bloomfield, consultant psychiatrist of theUniversity College London not participating in the study, considered that ” this is likely due to a combination of the psychological stressors associated with this particular pandemic and the physical effects of the disease. “

The study conducted by researchers atOxford also suggested that subjects with pre-existing mental disorders were 65% more likely to get the Covid-19 than the others. For its authors, this constitutes an unexpected result requiring further research and the addition of mental disorders to the list of risk factors for the coronavirus.

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