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A patient had two lungs transplanted to save him, a first in France


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For the first time in France, specialists from the Foch hospital in Suresnes have successfully performed a double lung transplant on a patient suffering from a very severe form of Covid-19.

An extremely serious form of the disease

In March 2020, Chinese doctors successfully performed the first double lung transplant on a sexagenarian with a severe form of Covid-19. During June, a team fromNorthwestern hospital of Chicago followed suit by performing this operation on a young woman whose lungs had been irreversibly destroyed by illness.

On November 1, a team fromFoch hospital successfully performed this very complex procedure on a patient with Covid-19 whose condition presented no hope of improvement. Which is a first in France.

Taken care of on departure by the intensive care unit Lille University Hospital, this 58-year-old patient suffered from an extremely serious form of the disease, characterized by respiratory damage resulting in the almost complete destruction of both his lungs. Despite optimal on-site care, the man’s condition, weakened by 6 weeks of coma, prompted practitioners to redirect him to the hospital center. Hauts-de-Seine, so that he undergoes a lung transplant.

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No chance of recovery unless there is an operation

The patient was in extremely serious condition with no chance of recovery unless he had an operation », Explains the professor Edward Sage, head of the lung transplant program atFoch hospital. ” The choice to have recourse to this ultimate and exceptional therapy is not simple and is subject to the results of numerous complementary examinations. “, Continues the specialist, who specifies that this intervention is only possible in patients not suffering from comorbidities.

Nearly two weeks after the lung transplant, the hospital (which had performed its thousandth lung transplant last May) indicated that the man was doing well. However, caution remains in order for doctors, who point out that recovery in patients who have benefited from this type of heavy intervention is ” often long “And” sometimes difficult “.

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