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a table divided by age (PHOTO)


At what age can children take care of housework? It depends on the age. We summarize in a table the different activities and the minimum age to do them.

Dear mothers, as we have already told you, several studies show how having children do the housework brings long-term benefits in their lives, both at school and at work.

Several researchers have studied the importance of housework for the growth of children: they are even necessary to be successful in life.

It all stems from the fact that giving children some chores, suitable for their age, helps them gain self-confidence and learn to manage responsibilities.

The table of household chores by age group

According to research starting to entrust 3-4 year olds with chores will give them an edge, compared to those who start from older.

Okay, that’s fine, but how to get them to do them and above all which tasks are suitable for different ages?

On a Spanish site dedicated to childhood education, Etapainfantil, one has been published for months table that summarizes, by age, the tasks that can be made to children. The table was greatly appreciated and soon became viral.

We propose it again translated:


Of course, these are only indications, each child is unique and each parent may have already taught some homework regardless of age. But it is certainly a good example of activities that can be left to children.

And you unimamme what do you think? Important, remember, is to first show the children several times how to do it and keep patience the first few times they try. Slowly they will amaze you.

In case you need them, we leave you with some tips to get them to help you: the effective method.


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