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Karwa Chauth Recipe: know how to make Crunchy khasta kachori in Snacks to double the fun of your karwa chauth festival


Karwa Chauth Recipe: After Navratri, now the festival of Karva Chauth is also coming soon. On this day, women cook a variety of dishes for family members. You can also make your day special with this special recipe called Krispy Namkeen Kachori. Yes, these kachoris are crispy in eating. Let’s know how this dish is made.

Ingredients for making crispy snacks
1 bowl all purpose flour
– 1 bowl wheat flour
– 2 teaspoon moyan oil
– Salt
– celery

Stuffing Material
-1 bowl gram flour
– Salt
-Red chilly,
– cumin
-Garam Masala
– Moyan oil

How to make crispy snacks

To make crispy namkeen kachori, firstly mix all the ingredients in the dough and knead it like a puri and keep it aside. Now put so much moyan in the gram flour with all the spices that it becomes a pill. Now mix it well and make small tablets of it.

Now make a dough and roll it completely, then keep the gram flour tablet in it and press it round with your hands to make kachori. Heat the oil in a pan, fry the kachoris on low heat till crisp. Serve the hot kachori with chutney. The special thing of this Kachori is that you can use them easily for seven to eight days. If you want, you can also eat chaat content in it.



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