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Names, meanings and name days: today we celebrate Niccolò


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Today, November 13, St. Nicholas I Pope is celebrated. Let’s discover the meaning of the name and the life of this Pope who became a saint

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The name Niccolò has ancient origins and the saint who bears this name was a very devoted and committed Pope to the Church. If you have thought about giving your baby this name, you will surely find this information very interesting

The name Niccolò is one of the variants of the name Nicola, of Greek origin. The name, in Greek “Nikòlaos”, it means “winner of the people” and in history there have been many famous and important people who have borne this name. Among the local historical figures we certainly remember the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus and the writer and philosopher Niccolò Macchiavelli, but also the musician Niccolò Paganini.

In short, an important name that recalls various talents and historical figures. Who bears this name has a very strong and authoritarian character and he is a very person ambitious, therefore it seems destined to become a “big winner” like the name it bears. His number lucky is 9 and its color is red, which recalls the Stone of the ruby.

Saint of the day: San Niccolò I Papa

San Niccolò was born in Rome in the 9th century and was raised at the papal court, where he entered from subdeacon at a very young age and was able to know and be esteemed by popes Sergio II, Leo IV and Benedict III. Just at the death of the latter in 858, Pope Niccolò was elected and consecrated, who remained in office until his death on 13 November 867.

During his ten years of pontificate, Niccolò fought for defend the principles of Christianity and to ensure that the ecclesiastics did not enter into “earthly” matters. His work went beyond politics and for this he was greatly admired and well-liked by the Roman people and also by the emperor Lodovico II, who showed him esteem and respect.

He was very decisive in his apostolic work. In particular we recall some episodes from his life:

  • there excommunication which he gave toArchbishop John VIII of Ravenna, which had appropriated the goods of the Church and had manifested violence against the bishops faithful to Rome
  • the question of the king of Lorraine Lothair II, who had deceived his queen in a monastery unjustly accusing her of treason and slandering and torturing her in order to get her confession and hence the divorce. Indeed, the emperor wanted to marry Valdrada, his mistress. Obtained the confession of his wife, the archbishops of Lorraine granted the divorce but the deposed queen wrote to pope Niccolò, who intervened in the matter by siding against the bishops and against the king. The latter, under pressure from the bishopric of Lorraine, decided to invade Rome and besiege St. Peter, but the pope first took refuge in the Basilica and then convinced the king to retrace his steps and accept the papal decision.
  • the question of Photius, a layman who, thanks to political knowledge, had obtained all the orders in just six days and was elected patriarch of Constantinople, unleashing the anger of a part of the nobility and the ecclesiastical environment that he sided with Ignatius, the dismissed patriarch. The emperor asked the pope to arbitrate the question e Nicholas I took sides against those who sided with Photius. The patriarch even went so far as to accuse the pope of heresy, but it was then deposed and replaced with his predecessor Ignatius.

Therefore a personality very determined which corresponds well to the meaning of the name it bears. A man who for his work in favor of the Church and the principles of Christianity he fought and was not afraid to face high offices to defend his role and that of the institution he represented, so much so that on his death he was buried in St. Peter’s Basilica and is included in the list of Saints by July of 1883.

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Now that you know him, dear one mothers, do you think his story is an inspiration for choosing the name of your little one?


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