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Pregnant women suffer a real ordeal by being forced to put on a mask to give birth

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In recent weeks, the number of Covid-19 infections has grown steadily in France. Faced with this second wave of the pandemic in the country, measures to limit the spread of the disease have been stepped up. One of these measures is far from delighting those concerned: wearing a mask during childbirth.

Women and activists denounce “obstetric violence”

Hospitals in France require pregnant women to wear a mask throughout childbirth, a decision strongly criticized and contested by pregnant women and the public. The opposition to this measure is such that a new movement has appeared on social networks with the hashtag “#StopBirthHidden “. The reason for such a dispute being that it is an ordeal to give birth while wearing a mask. Childbirth itself is already a difficult time. Adding one more object that can prevent proper breathing will only add stress and difficulty to the event.

Many women did not hesitate to testify and tell their ordeal. ” I had to wear the mask during all the work and when pushing », Testifies Tiffany, a young mother who gave birth in August. ” I ran into a midwife yelling at me and telling me that I wasn’t pushing hard enough for long enough. But I couldn’t catch my breath from the mask », She added. And Tiffany’s case is far from isolated, reported France Inter.

In addition, it has been pointed out that it is allowed not to wear a mask in some fitness centers. It is therefore unfair not to apply the same exemption for an activity more difficult and riskier than playing a sport, denounce mothers and future mothers. Besides activists for pregnant women, some doctors also argue that wearing a mask during childbirth is unnecessary stress and is potentially dangerous. It has been explained that wearing a mask can cause weakness, preventing some women from giving birth vaginally, and cause complications.

A measure that does not result from a government order

Note that wearing a mask during childbirth is not an official directive from the authorities, reported Le Figaro. Indeed, it is a decision taken by medical establishments according to their own assessment of the situation. Faced with this, the association ” Stop obstetric and gynecological violence Was indignant that French hospitals were able to apply such measures. ” It’s shocking that women are forced to wear masks during labor and childbirth in France », Declared Sonia Bisch, the founder and spokesperson of the collective to Spotlight on France. She also said that she had gathered more than 1,000 testimonies on the difficulties caused by wearing a mask during childbirth.

Sonia Bisch also argued that there is no recommendation from the World Health Organization for a mask to be worn during childbirth, the magazine reported. Feminine. In addition, French hospitals seem to be the only ones to adopt such measures. The latter, however, wanted to defend themselves by explaining that it was a necessity to reduce the risk of infection with Covid-19, both for hospital staff and for patients. In addition, the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) declared that the situation was exceptional and that wearing a mask during labor is desirable, but cannot be enforced. Separately, the organization plans to issue official guidelines on the matter, reported the Huffington Post.


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