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scientific research on their health useful to all


Having a twin brother is like being married. The emotional, psychological, social, and health benefits are the same as marriage. Life lasts longer, thanks to such a strong bond. Studying the health of twins is essential, but not only for them.


Due to their characteristics, twins are in fact perfect for scientific studies in the medical field. The identical genetic heritage in two people from different lives it’s an interesting one object of study on diseases and their origin. Research has, in fact, shown that having the same genes affects diseases, from heart disease to cancer. Not only, behaviors are also influenced by genes.

Gemini, from cancer to diabetes: research on the link between genetics and health

Scientific studies on twins show us how diseases are formed and what impact they have on two people with the same DNA but substantially different lives. Twin studies also help to learn more about other people’s health.

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Gemini and cancer

Studies have found a high risk of cancer among identical twins. In particular, the study by Lorelei Mucci, associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, which is based on data collected on twins for decades in Scandinavian countries and stored in a database.

Twins are subject to the same cancer risk as the rest of the population, but when it comes to identical twins the data is quite surprising. Indeed, when one of the twins gets cancer, the other has a higher risk of developing cancer too. Chances are

  • to the 37% in cases of non-identical twins (heterozygotes),
  • instead they rise to 48% in the case of identical twins (homozygotes).

In 33% of cases cancer has a genetic origin and this probably explains a higher risk rate among twins.

Some types of cancer are more genetic than others. For example, if a twin has testicular cancer, the heterozygous twin brother has 12 times the chance of getting it, while the homozygous twin brother has 28 times the risk.

Other cancers linked to genetics are melanoma, skin cancers and prostate cancer.

Gemini and longevity

If the risk of cancer is higher between twin brothers, by sharing genes, at the same time, however, i twins live longer than others. This was established by a study by the University of Washington, on the basis of the special relationship that exists between twins and which lasts a lifetime. Having a twin extends your life, like marriage.

Not only, identical twins have a longer life span than heterozygous twins, which in turn are longer than other people. Having a connection with someone who is close to us and supports us has positive effects on health.

Twins and diabetes and heart disease

Other surprising studies from Sweden, from the University of Umea, have shown that in identical twins if one is overweight and the other is not, the overweight one does not have a higher risk of heart attack or early death, even though he has more high levels of diabetes compared to the thin brother. This means that while the‘obesity is linked to diabetes, in heart disease also count the genetic factors that cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Gemini and behavior

The University of Colorado then discovered that the biology also plays a role on behavior of twins, even when they go to live on their own. There depression and antisocial behaviors I am at similar levels even among twins living apart.

Other studies have established that twins develop early reading skills similarly, but are similarly susceptible to attention deficit disorder.

The researchers, however, found no genetic risk between the twins for eating disorders or marijuana addiction.

Gemini and immunology

An interesting study by the non-profit research center SRI International studied 3,000 twins in the United States for check how genetics affect the body’s reactions to the flu vaccine. Part of the study published in 2015 showed that the administration of the vaccine produced different responses between twins as in unrelated people.

Another study on the herpes zoster vaccine showed that while the twins displayed a similar genetic sensitivity to the disease, they had different reactions to the vaccine.

Studies to be deepened and for which the results on two very special twins, astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, the first of which spent more than a year in space. On Scott Kelly they were carried out tests to study the effects on the human body of staying in space, comparing them to those of the brother who remained on the ground.

VIDEO: Twins and health the Kelly brothers

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