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Snacks Recipe: Know how to make tasty and healthy recipe of aloo poha rolls in hindi


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Aloo Poha Rolls: When making breakfast, a question arises in the mind every morning that what to make that is quick, as well as nutritious for health. Potato-poha rolls are the answer to your similar problem and question. Along with the delicious potato-poha rolls, they will also serve to give you plenty of energy for the day. So, let’s talk about how potato-poha rolls are made.

Ingredients for Potato-Poha Rolls
-A pinch Asafoetida
Chopped green chillies
-A chopped onion
– little ginger
-A chopped tomato
– Mango powder
-4 boiled potatoes
-green coriander
-1 cup Poha
-1 cup semolina
Half cup yogurt
Salt according to taste

To make potato-poha rolls, first heat two spoons of oil in a pan, add a little mustard, a little mustard, a pinch of asafoetida and cumin seeds. After adding onion and ginger, roast it lightly. When onions turn slightly roasted, add tomatoes and salt to them.

After melting the tomatoes, add peas, potatoes, turmeric, coriander and mango powder and fry them. Once the stuffing of the rolls is ready, make poha batter. To make the batter, after soaking a cup of poha for 10 minutes, take out all the water and keep it aside.

While preparing the batter, take semolina in a vessel, add half a cup of curd and a little salt and mix it well. Now grind the poha batter and semolina batter in the mixture, your batter is ready.

Now to make potato stuffing, make round shaped rolls and keep them in a plate. After heating the griddle, pour poha batter on it like a cheela and make it spherical. When the batter starts to roast a little, then add potato-stuffing and a little sauce over it and make a roll. This way you have to bake the poha rolls properly from both the sides. These healthy and tasty poha rolls can be served with hot tea.



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