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Understand the carpal syndrome, which led Ana Maria Braga to operate the hand


posted on 10/26/2020 17:35

(credit: Reproduction / TV Globo)

This Monday morning (10/26), presenter Ana Maria Braga started the program More you with a sling and bands in hand. She soon clarified that she had carpal syndrome, also called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the nerve that passes through the forearm, inside the wrist, and that goes up to the hand, in the so-called median nerve. When passing through the wrist, it can be compressed by the structures that form the so-called “tunnel”, which are the bones of the hand and some ligaments that hold everything in position. This ends up making a compression, which causes the symptoms.

According to neurologist Carlos Uribe, from Brasília Hospital, the most common symptoms are: pain in the distribution of the median nerve (which includes the thumb, index and middle fingers, and the palm under those fingers) and pain in the wrist that may end up going to the forearm region. “Rarely does the pain go to other places, but it can happen by going to the arm and even to the shoulder. Sometimes, the person even perceives a loss of dexterity in the movements of the hand and a difficulty to have strength, how to hold some things with the hand. hand “, details.

According to the neurologist, the diagnosis is clinical, due to the symptoms that the person refers, and some maneuvers can be made to see if there really is this compression, such as a tightening of the wrist to see if the person feels pain where the nerve passes. “There is also an exam called electroneuromyography, which can give a more objective measure to know if this nerve is intact or if, because of the compression, there was damage to the nerve, if the information through the nerve is passing correctly or if there is a block in the step information “, he explains.

The treatment, most of the time, is done with anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation and swelling. It is also recommended to use a splint to avoid positions that end up hurting the nerve. In cases where the use of medication does not help and the pain remains, a decompression surgery – which was the case of the presenter – can be done, in which some ligaments of the wrist are cut, which frees space for the structures that were inside of the tunnel are not so tight anymore.

“The cure would be a treatment with medication, taking rest so as not to force positions that harm more. Prevention is to avoid positions that can generate this inflammation, such as repetitive movements. For health, in fact, it is the discomfort of pain, but it does not put the person’s life is at risk “, concludes the doctor.


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