200,000 ducks have been slaughtered in France to stem bird flu

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The latest report from the Ministry of Agriculture reports 61 outbreaks of avian flu contamination in France in the 1er January 2021, much of which is located in the southwest. More than 200,000 ducks have been slaughtered to contain the spread of the disease, and around 400,000 more will soon suffer the same fate.

The situation is out of control

To prevent bird flu from spreading further, the authorities have decided to preventively slaughter all poultry raised, whether they are confined or not, within a radius of three kilometers around the identified outbreaks. ” We are facing an exceptional episode with a very, very contagious virus that affects free-range farms, but not only », Indicated the ministerial official Mr. Evain.

For their part, the small producers are against preventive slaughter, and ask that only sick birds be slaughtered. But if the spread of the virus does not slow down, the authorities should take more drastic measures. The ministerial official noted that the measures will be based on a scientific basis, in order to explain to the farmers concerned the relevance of their decisions.

The General Confederation of Aviculture (CFA), which is affiliated to the FNSEA, for its part indicated in a recent press release that it is urgent for the State to strengthen its means of action in the field, in collaboration with the sector, to act as closely and as quickly as possible to contain the virus.

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Small producers denounce poor management of the crisis

Small producers denounce poor management of the bird flu crisis. They believe that the time lapse by the authorities between the declaration of suspected cases and the culling of the contaminated home is far too long. ” We do not fight against a virus speed like that, by acting eight days late. It is not possible. Going to war without a weapon, it causes damage, it causes carnage », Declared Maryline Beyris, vice-president of Modef 40, after having attended the preventive slaughter of 600 ducks.

Finally, small producers also defend outdoor breeding. Maryline Beyris explains that the confinement, which was supposed to be a solution to contain the avian flu, had the opposite effect. ” The confinement must have been the miracle to withstand the bird crisis and we saw that it was precisely in these buildings that, when it exploded, it was terrible because not only did we shut up, but we put in large quantities in confinement. It’s the density that trapped everyone », She indicated.

200,000 ducks have been slaughtered in France to stem bird flu

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