A chainsaw started on its own, and now 82,000 are being recalled

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December 14, 2020

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  • A report of a chainsaw that started entirely on its own and caused injury to its owner has forced Black & Decker to recall roughly 82,000 similar models.
  • The recall, which appears as a bulletin by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, affects 10-inch Craftsman corded chainsaws.
  • Anyone that owns one of the recalled chainsaws can obtain a free repair kit to ensure that the issue doesn’t happen again.

If there’s one tool that you wouldn’t ever want to be able to start on its own, a chainsaw has to be it. A chainsaw’s job is to slice things in half with extreme efficiency, and you always want to be in complete control of the tool when it’s up and running. Unfortunately, an incident involving a self-starting chainsaw has led to a massive recall of over 80,000 of the same model sold across the United States.

In a new bulletin by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Black & Decker reveals the recall of 82,000 Craftsman CMECSP610 10-inch corded chainsaws with pre-installed extension poles. The recall stems from an incident in which the chainsaw started on its own and caused “a laceration injury to a customer.” Yikes!

On the official recall bulletin, the company describes the hazard as: “The chain saw can start unexpectedly without operation of the switch when the extension cord adaptor is connected upside down, posing a laceration hazard.”

It’s unclear exactly why putting the extension cord adapter upside down would cause the chainsaw to start on its own, but the issue is obviously serious and repeatable, or this recall wouldn’t be happening in the first place. The company is asking individuals that own the chainsaw not to use it until it is repaired, and it looks like the customers themselves will be the ones doing the repairing.

In the “Remedy” section of the recall notice the company says that “Consumers should stop immediately using the recalled chain saws and contact Craftsman for a free repair kit.” It’s not immediately clear what the repair process entails, but if the company is trusting consumers to do it on their own it’s likely very simple.

If you think you might have purchased one of these chainsaws, here’s the vital information you need to know to identify it:

This recall involves CRAFTSMAN Model CMECSP610 10-inch corded chain saws with extension poles.  The chain saws are red with black and gray accents.  The name “CRAFTSMAN” is on the cutting bar and the motor end cap.  The model number CMECSP610 is on the label on top of the motor.  Only chain saws with date codes of 2019-40 through 2020-35 are included.  The date code is laser etched on the underside of the handle base.

You can find the company contact information and other details on the CPSC’s website.


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