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June 22, 2020

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Fewer kilos thanks to acupressure
Look out! THESE pressure points can help you lose weight

The Chinese art of acupressure can not only relax and counteract diseases, but also prevent ravenous appetite attacks and speed up digestion.

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The Chinese art of acupressure can not only relax and counteract diseases, but also prevent ravenous appetite attacks and speed up digestion.

Lose weight at the touch of a button? More like the push of a finger! Because certain pressure points in our body can actually help us lose weight. You can learn more from us.

Have you ever tried the traditional Chinese art of acupressure? Gentle pressure or massages on certain body points can help digestion, activate fat burning and even stop ravenous appetite! The technique can help you to restore the balance between hunger and satiety. This will make you less inclined to eat more than necessary. Learn how exactly the Acupressure during weight loss can help.

Acupressure to lose weight? Here’s how it works

Since acupressure only requires your body points and hands, it is an effective and simple way to “lay hands” on yourself to stop the cravings, aid digestion or support the feeling of satiety.

Of course it does: Only press on the body points as hard as is comfortable and endurable for you. With regular use, you can change the duration and pressure of the acupressure on your own.

Reduce ravenous appetite

  • Philtrum dot: Gutter between nose and upper lip; press index finger firmly on the spot for 90 seconds
  • Upper lip point: in the middle of the upper lip; grasp with thumb and index finger and massage for at least one minute
  • Desire point: outer edge of the ear, about a finger’s breadth above the earlobe; massage the desire point firmly with thumb and index finger for one minute
  • Stomach 36: slight depression below the knees, press for one minute

Ravenous appetite can put a damper on any diet. The food in our picture gallery provides additional help:

Better digestion

  • Zusanli point: Massage the front of the lower leg, about four finger widths below the kneecap, for at least one minute
  • Sky axis: three cross fingers left and right of the navel, massage for one minute
  • Conception vessel 12: one hand width above the navel (middle line), massage with thumb for 30 seconds


Didn’t you once eat more than you wanted? Here you will find our tips for dealing with annoying fullness.

Acupressure sounds easy, doesn’t it? Why don’t you give it a try? Maybe these tips will help you to get your digestion going or to get a grip on ravenous appetite attacks.

Another little trick that helps against excess pounds: the 25-second rule. We’ll tell you what it means in the video:

Stay on the diet: Do you know the 25-second rule?

Stay on the diet: Do you know the 25-second rule?

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Do you find the topic of acupressure exciting? The Chinese art can do much more than just help you lose weight. Did you know, for example, that acupressure on the ear can give you more energy? The art is also used in the nose-free trick and can be a great home remedy for headaches. Super exciting!

You can find more tips on the topic of dieting on our topic page.

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The latest videos from BILD der FRAU

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