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After the dinosaurs disappeared, penguins ruled the earth


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Penguins are very cute animals. They are so adorable that it’s pretty hard to imagine them ruling the world and being as tall as an average human child. It was, however.

Giant penguins of moderate size

Even though they are unable to fly and have to waddle to walk on dry land, penguins once ruled Earth. They ruled both land and water after the extinction of the dinosaurs over 60 million years ago. A new study explains how such an incredible phenomenon could have happened. The results of research on the subject have been published in the journal Palaeontologia Electronica.

Scientists were able to conduct this study thanks to the discovery of new fossils of giant penguins. This species, known as Kupoupou stilwelli, was recently discovered on theChatham Island, New Zealand. The penguin was named in honor of the indigenous people Moriori from Chatham Island; Kupoupou meaning “diving bird” in Te Re Moriori. In other words, although he struggled to move around on land, he was an excellent swimmer.

The animal was just over a meter tall and weighed over 80 kilograms. ” Next to his colossal human-sized cousins, including the recently described monster penguin Crossvallia waiparensis, Kupoupou was relatively small – no taller than modern king penguins who stand just under 1.1 meters tall. Said the doctoral candidate in paleontology from theFlinders University and graduated fromCanterbury University, Jacob Blokland in one Press release.


Scientists of the Flinders University believe that the ancient bird is the oldest penguin ever found and having similar proportions to its modern parents. In addition, specialists explain that after the cataclysmic asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs struck Earth, birds quickly changed in order to adapt to survive. So the huge birds gave up the flight and concentrated on swimming.

According to the researchers, the discovery could help find a relationship between the origins of modern penguins to the eastern region of New Zealand. ” The fact that we have now found so many species of penguins on and around the east coast of the South Island suggests that this area has played an important role in the development of penguins. It could even be their place of origin “, said Jacob Blokland in an article published on The Conversation.


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