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At sex, is size a document?


Are bigger bananas tastier? Not always. And just because he is well endowed does not mean that he knows how to use his tools better. We talked to a specialist to unravel the issue.

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Big Dick are no longer able to reach female hotspots, such as the G spot (which can be reached with a finger) and, of course, the clitoris.

In addition, the exaggerated limb can hurt the uterus if the penetration is too excited. “When the guy is above the average, which is 16 cm, he ends up bothering the woman, because the vaginal canal, in general, is 15 to 18 cm,” recalls the chief urologist at the Unix Clinic Alex Meller, in São Paulo. If the length is too long, it is essential to bet on foreplay and lubrication. What can really make a difference? The diameter.

The vaginal canal is full of nerve endings, which means that female pleasure does not come from entering and leaving, but from pressure against the walls of the vagina. If the penis is thick, it is possible to stimulate the region with more intensity, especially the front of the canal, which faces the ceiling when the woman is on her back.

Even if the thickness is not generous, what matters is the movement: it can tilt the pelvis or move in circles.

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