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Base fasting: The instructions for a functioning detox cure


21.11.2019 – 12:53

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Alkaline fasting instructions: How the detox approach works without hunger

Alkaline fasting becomes an uncomplicated detox cure with our instructions, which you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

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Alkaline fasting becomes an uncomplicated detox cure with our instructions, which you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

Fasting always means hunger? Far from it! Alkaline fasting involves eating solid food that helps the body detoxify instead of starving. Learn more about the fasting cure!

In most fasting and detox cures, (solid) food is avoided as far as possible. We admit that this can quickly have a deterrent effect. If this is also true for you, base fasting could be the right thing for you! Because during base fasting you do not starve, but consume solid food. This consists of alkaline or base-forming foods, which are supposed to support the body in deacidification, detoxification and purification. Interesting facts about alkaline fasting and instructions for your detox treatment is here.

How does base fasting work? Our instructions for the detox treatment

Fasting enables the body to detoxify and regenerate. Complaints such as fatigue, gastrointestinal and nutritional complaints, immune deficiency and major problems are to be alleviated by this. This is also the case with alkaline fasting.

The focus of the base detox approach is the body’s own acid-base balance, which can get out of balance in many people due to modern nutrition and lifestyle. This can lead to hyperacidity and so-called waste products in the body. Acidification is caused by malnutrition with too many acid-forming foods, too much stress and lack of exercise. But be careful: too much sport can also have an overacidifying effect. Alkaline fasting is about compensating for this overacidification and freeing the body from toxins and waste products.

Did you know that your skin also overacidifies and accordingly alkaline skin care can benefit?

Base fasting: Which foods are allowed and which are not?

During base fasting consumes only vegetable, basic and nutrient-rich foods that support the body in deacidifying, detoxifying and purifying. These include above all vegetables and fruit as well as salad, herbs, sprouts, certain nuts, seeds and cold-pressed oils. These are eaten as smoothie, salad, soup or vegetable pan.

Acid-forming foods are avoided in an alkaline cure. The “acid-forming foods” include above all alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, sweets, animal products such as meat, fish and milk, white flour or even coffee.

Discover our tips on how to integrate basic foods into your everyday life very easily can.

Your base fasting plan can look like this

Alkaline fasting is ideally carried out for 7-14 days to give the body sufficient time for detoxification and purification. However, even 3 to 5 days of alkaline food can relieve the body and offer the digestion the often much needed time out.

As stress also has an acid-forming effect, the alkaline treatment should be carried out during a stress-free and relaxed period. During this time, go to the sauna as often as possible, treat yourself to soothing baths with alkaline bath salts as well as time out with a liver wrap and relaxation exercises such as mediation. In addition, moderate exercise, such as Yoga and fresh air the body during detoxification and deacidification.

These are the principles of the Base Fasting Instructions:

  • Duration: 7-14 days basic nutrition as well as relaxation and moderate exercise
  • Eat alkaline: vegetables, fruit, lettuce, herbs, sprouts, certain nuts, seeds and cold-pressed oils
  • Avoid acid-forming foods: Alcohol, coffee, animal products, white flour, refined cereals, bakery products, sugar, sweets, cigarettes, ready meals, soft drinks, etc.
  • At Fresh/raw food and the food is only gently prepareso that as many nutrients as possible are preserved
  • Drink plenty: 2-3 litres of still water and herbal tea
  • External applications to support deacidification: Alkaline baths, alkaline foot baths, sauna and steam bath, liver pack
  • Daily moderate exercise units: walk, light gymnastic exercises, yoga, pilates
  • Relaxation sessions: Autogenic training, meditation, mindfulness exercises

Caution: You should be aware of this when base fasting!

Alkaline fasting releases acids and toxins in the body, which are then excreted. So if you should be very acidic, the detox treatment can lead to strong detoxification symptoms. These include severe fatigue, muscle pain, headaches and the like. A sufficiently nutritious diet with lots of vegetables and alkaline baths can help against these detox complaints. In addition, it can often be better to generally integrate more vegetables into the diet before an alkaline fasting cure in order to build up nutrient depots. Read here . If severe symptoms persist during the alkaline detox, it is better to pause and slowly return to your usual diet.

Raw foods in the form of fresh vegetables, fruit and salad, which are an important part of alkaline fasting, can also cause digestive problems for some people. To Raw food you can either gently accustom your body in advance or eat more lightly steamed and gently cooked food during the cure. During the alkaline fasting you should generally only eat raw food until about 14/15 pm and keep your dinner warm. As an introduction to alkaline fasting this 3-day detox plan with delicious basic recipes for the three main meals.

Learn how you can best Cook the vegetables and secure the vitamins.

Detoxification without starvation: this is possible with base fasting

Especially if it has deterred you in the past that you might go hungry while fasting, base fasting is a great alternative for you! Here the body is given the opportunity to free itself from pollutants and toxins and to deacidify despite sufficient food consisting of purely alkaline foods. Allow yourself and your body a regeneration and time-out for 7 to 14 days – and you will feel more relaxed, fresher and lighter afterwards!

Are you looking for more information about base fasting and more instructions for a beneficial detoxification cure? Then browse through our wide range of worth reading guides on the subject of detox. Discover more tips, recipes and plans for a healthy diet from our columnist Naturally Nadine.

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