Beauty: These oils that do good to our hair!

Ricin jojoba argan Quelle huile pour cheveux
July 16, 2020

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Ricin jojoba argan Quelle huile pour cheveux choisir exact1900x908 l

They are exotic and so chic, precious oils for the hair! Whether it’s jojoba called “desert gold” or monoi with a heavenly scent, they have this little “je ne sais quoi” that makes you addicted. Come on, it has to shine!

Dehydrated and devitalized hair, focus on argan oil!

Behind this large sun-dried almond hides a real cosmetic “bomb” rich in vitamin E and antioxidant active ingredients. Moroccan women love it, and for good reason! It works miracles on dry, dehydrated hair, raplapla, also fights against hair loss and, icing on the cake, calms itching. Prefer the pure version more effective than the diluted version.

– Its texture? A few drops are enough, so play in moderation so as not to weigh down.

– And its application?

1 time per week after the shampoo, apply a few drops to the scalp, massage, rinse. Not bad too: as a mask under the bathing cap when you go swimming (protection + care).

Dry and curly hair, haro on coconut oil!

Certainly, there is no simpler and more natural than coconut oil produced from the pulp of the dried fruit after a simple cold pressing. Curly, curly or frizzy hair loves it. Logic, its perfect affinity with the hair fiber deeply repairs the hair and comforts it like a soft toy.

– Its texture? It can be difficult to rinse, apply it before shampooing mixed with sweet almond oil.

– And its application? Quite easy, but melt it slightly before, as it tends to solidify. Very curly hair requires it 2 times a week the day before the shampoo, for the others, apply in SOS in case of capillary distress.

Hair weakened by the sun, zoom on the monoï!

This magic and scented oil with restorative powers works wonders on hair damaged by sea water, as on dry and curly hair. Be careful all the same! Monoi is not a sunscreen product and is put on after exposure (otherwise, it is guaranteed frying). Well rated?

– Its texture? A little oily, but that’s also what makes it charming and it rinses off in the blink of an eye.

– And its application? Directly on the hair by smoothing the ends or in a rinsing mask, to be consumed without moderation all summer long.

For all hair types, go jojoba!

It is a small unpretentious Mexican shrub that gives birth to this oil (or rather wax) with incredible virtues. His extra thing? A structure close to sebum which allows it to play a regulatory role. Oily hair, dry hair, they love it! Just like devitalized hair.

– Its texture? It is the least oily of oils, it penetrates with a snap of your fingers!

– And its application? A few drops directly after the shampoo or as a mask once a week to maintain your mermaid hair.

You know what ? You can alternate these oils throughout the year. In summer, I ask for monoï, in autumn I offer myself jojoba!

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