Child abuse increased by 50% during the first confinement according to this study

Erika Richard / A study reveals that, during the first confinement, the hospitalizations of children for abuse increased by 50%. Research has focused on children from 0 to 5 years old, and has shown that mortality from such abuse is also on the rise. An unprecedented increase in violence From the first day of […]

there is still a long way to go to put an end to discrimination

– Ink Drop / Recent studies and surveys reveal a worrying increase in LGBTphobic acts within schools. So many are those to mobilize against such facts, there is still a long way to go to put an end to this discrimination. The role of schools in supporting its students questioned The Thursday, December 17 […]

Spanish MPs approve the legalization of euthanasia

– Gorodenkoff / Spain has recently taken an important step towards legalizing euthanasia. His parliament has spoken out in favor of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for patients suffering from long-lasting ailments and having no hope of recovery. A major social advance On December 17, the Spanish room adopted by a large majority (198 votes […]

Homosexual marriage finally approved by the Swiss Parliament

– Africa Studio / This is a big step forward for the gay community in Switzerland: Parliament has approved a bill that allows same-sex marriage. Be that as it may, the country’s Christian conservative party is against it and is proposing to hold a referendum so that the people have the final say in […]

Paris sentenced to pay a fine of € 90,000 for appointing too many directors …

– Frederic Legrand – COMEO / In 2018, the City of Paris appointed eleven women and five men to managerial positions in its departments. Today, the municipal team of the socialist Anne Hidalgo is pinned by the state for having hired too many female directors. It will in particular have to pay a fine […]

The government releases 5 million euros to fight against menstrual insecurity

– MasAnyanka / Difficulty in accessing hygienic protection is a sad reality in France. Once a taboo subject, menstrual insecurity is now a phenomenon that raises a lot of attention and concern. In France, 2 million women are affected. To help them, the government has decided to release five million euros in 2021. An […]

Organic fruits and vegetables aren’t always the cheapest, study finds

– William Perugini / According to the various announcements of the major brands, organic products are cheaper in supermarkets. However, a new survey carried out by the consumer association CLCV has shown the opposite. According to their observations, organic products in supermarkets are in fact 44% more expensive than conventional products. Organic products in […]

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