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Covid-19: Ehpad, hospital, the Gers is returning to normal life.


the essentials
The prefecture and the ARS, during a situation report, took stock of the Covid-19 wave in the Gers and announced the health suites awaiting the Ehpads and hospital services.

“ Le Gers is in the green, but… ” Prefect Catherine Séguin’s update on Friday morning is reassuring, but vigilant. “ Cela allows us to find little by little something that resembles normal life, but which is not yet life normale ! The objective remains to limit the risks of spreading a virus that we don’t have quittés ”.
The observation of other countries, which had adopted strict health policies and yet are seeing a resurgence of cases of patients affected by Covid-19, reinforces the authorities’ caution.
“ Dans In the Gers, the situation is not changing very much,” says Jean-Michel Blay, the director of the ARS in the department. The indicators are green. We haven’t had any new confirmed cases since 5 juin ”.

Epidemic figures

The figures for the Covid-19 epidemic in the department show a situation that is far from the critical thresholds experienced by other departments, with a total of 269 confirmed positive cases over the period. The number of deaths is 39, counting the victims in Ehpad.The capacity of 400-500 tests/day has never been atteinte : “ On was close to 200 until a fortnight ago,” says the director of the ARS, “but today it’s down to 60-70 tests/day and it’s still falling. Over the last 14 days, only 4 tests have been positive, which gives an incidence rate of 1.57 for the Gers, compared to 2.82 for Occitania. These are people who have already tested positive and are encore ”. At no time have the services dedicated to Covid-19 patients in the Gers, and especially resuscitation, been saturated. The reception at the emergency room of Auch saw the number of admissions falling by 30 %, similar figures for Condom and which are now on the rise again. In the same way, the means of control foreseen in various localities have not been activated. “ Par against, and this will be useful for us in the future, it shows that the health professionals of these areas felt concernés ”.

Auch hospital’s special Covid units closed on Monday.

As of Monday 22nd, the Covid special units of the Auch hospital are closed, and the time has come for the gradual resumption of surgery, medicine, follow-up care and rehabilitation activities for full and day hospitalisation. Similarly, consultations are resuming, although the telephone remains privileged.
That doesn’t mean you have to let your guard down. “ Si the situation is calm, our vigilance remains constant on the appearance of clusters, especially at a time when we are reopening the Ehapd ”. No more cases have been detected in the 14 Gers Ehpad.
As of today, visits by relatives are allowed without an appointment.individual and group outings, activities and social life will gradually resume.the end of confinement in rooms for residents will be accompanied by the return of independent health professionals to the establishments. And, finally, the Ehpads are authorised to take in new residents. These measures are eagerly awaited by the residents themselves, their families and the staff.

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