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Covid cases continue to grow, says monitor of UnB’s Situation Room

UnB’s Situation Room was created to analyze and systematize data that can be used for government to decide how to react to health emergencies (photo: Ana Rayssa / CB.DA. Press)

After four months of social distance, it is still not possible for residents of the Federal District (DF) to breathe relieved. On the contrary, with the number of cases and deaths increasing, the reopening may make it difficult to drop data on newly infected people. which explains student Alessandro Igor Silva Lopes, monitor of the Sala de Situao de Sade project at the University of Braslia (UnB).

“The cases continued to increase and tend to increase because now, with the release of trade, people are circulating,” he noted during the interview with journalist Vicente Nunes. “If you have people circulating, the virus will continue to circulate. simple, “he said.

For him, the behavior of people throughout the pandemic period needs to be seen from several factors, such as mental health and work needs. The student also advocates a systemic approach to fighting the virus.

“We have to think about the whole. Analyze the territory with other aggravating factors for each disease. It doesn’t make sense to only address health and leave the conditions that generate an aggravation”, pondered Lopes, who also presented in the interview an application developed by UnB to monitor the health of Brazilians.

An example that goes against what would be correct, according to him, was the lockdown adopted only in Ceilndia and Sol Nascente, since workers from these regions move to other cities in the DF daily.

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