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Diet to shampoo: Navya Nanda’s health portal shares tips to prevent hair fall


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Hair fall is a very common problem that many of us have to deal with. But it is not just seasonal changes that could cause hair fall, it can also be the result of unhealthy diet, insufficient haircare, or medical conditions.

Aara Health, the virtual health portal launched by Nayva Nanda, shared some useful tips, “verified by dermatologists Dr Asha Mourya and Dr Vidhi Patel”, to limit hair fall.


Hair fall can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. Here’s what Aara Health recommended:

*Have a protein-rich diet, including egg white, milk and milk products, chicken, cereals, pulses and sprouts.

* Take iron supplements if your haemologlobin level is low.

* Vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 supplements can be taken in case of deficiency.

* Take biotin supplements in the required daily dosage.

Medical conditions

In case of excessive hair fall, it is recommended to get tested for hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, and renal or liver diseases. “Young girls with hair fall, acne and hirsutism should get themselves tested for PCOS,” Aara Health mentioned.

One is also likely to experience hair fall after an illness, a surgery, or post-pregnancy. “Reassurance and multivitamins will help,” the portal mentioned.


Stress can also lead to hair fall. Yoga, meditation, exercise, adequate sleep and a balanced diet could help you destress.


Aara Health suggested the following:

*Use a mild shampoo that is fragrance or paraben-free

* After shampoo, condition your hair

* Avoid frequent hair straightening or blow-drying

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