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Do you drink enough water? 13 good reasons why it is important to do this


“Do you drink enough water”?: the question we often hear and which is fundamental because being sufficiently hydrated allows us to feel good. Let’s see why.

Since our body is made up of 60% water, we must always be sure that we have a certain degree of hydration, since we also lose a lot of it due to sweat. Water is known as the elixir of life, for good reason. Every system in our body needs it to survive.

Even though you can survive without food for weeks, dehydration can kill you within days or even hours, depends on the temperature and the environment. Dehydration means that more water is being transferred out of the cells of our body than they need. When this happens it is not just the water that is lost. Small amounts of electrolytes essential for cell function, such as sodium and potassium, are lost with water.

We constantly lose water and electrolytes throughout the day due to breathing, sweat, urine and bowel movements, so even mild hydration can tire us out and impair many of the body’s daily functions.

If you don’t drink enough water you may be constipated as the colon steals water from the stool to help the intestinal system move.the.

The urine can become darker and prolonged dehydration can crystallize the salts and minerals in the urine leading to the formation of kidney stones. So let’s see in detail why it is important to drink water every day and what it is for.

Are you hydrated enough? That’s what drinking water is for

Do you drink enough water? 13 good reasons why it is important to do this 13

1 – Drinking water is good if you are on a diet: as CNN explains in a fact sheet, being well hydrated is essential. For example, not drinking a lot is wrong because it leads to eating more and introducing more calories into the body. Water can therefore be considered a fundamental aid to fight obesity too, given the excessive intake of calories that concerns the choice of sugary drinks during meals.

Do you drink enough water? 13 good reasons why it is important to do this 14

2How much water should we drink? The US National Academy of Medicine argues that adult males (healthy and living in a temperate climate) should drink up to 3.7 liters of liquids per day, while adult and healthy women 2.7 liters, much more than the famous 8 glasses of water a day, or about 2 liters. However, real consumption is much lower, by about 1.5 liters per day, too little since every man eliminates 2.2 – 2.3 liters of water every day, including urine, faeces, sweat and breathing. Yes you canintegrate not only by drinking but also with other foods rich in water such as watermelon, spinach, cucumbers, celery, apples, broccoli, carrots. The amount of water per individual depends on many factors, such as physical activity, environment, climate, health or whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

drink water during sports

3 – Drinking water is essential for those who play sports: being well hydrated means having some joints are also at their best, so you have more flexibility and are able to practice physical activity better, while those who don’t drink a lot of water will find it harder to practice any physical activity. Furthermore, the water allows to keep the body temperature constant around 37 degrees while those with a slight dehydration increase the temperature.

4- Drinking water is important not only for sports: also for digestion processes and the reduction of infections and allergic reactions, that in the absence of water, they can give rise to headache and generalized joint pain.

Do you drink enough water? 13 good reasons why it is important to do this 15

5 – Greater memory and concentration: staying hydrated helps in memory and mood. Dehydration in fact prevents us from concentrating and makes us more irritated and anxious. In fact, when you drink you quench your thirst but also take important elements such as trace minerals, sodium, iron, magnesium, sulfur and bicarbonate.

drink water to avoid dehydration

6 – How to tell if you are dehydrated? There are two ways to check for dehydration: the sense of thirst and the color of urine. If you don’t feel thirsty and your urine is clear and always is then you are in good health. For example if you are not well hydrated you can have it muscle cramps, denser blood volume, even hallucinations or loss of consciousness.

water helps the heart to get better

7 – Drinking water helps the heart: when you are also hydrated the heart is better, as it pumps more into the vessels, while if you are dehydrated your heart muscle is more tired. Being dehydrated increases the risk of thrombosis and also the risk of heart attack. The low-sodium mineral waters are also useful in controlling pressure.

urinary system ok with water

8 – Drinking water is good for the urinary tract: not drinking enough it can cause infections and give rise to kidney stones due to urine crystallization. Furthermore, the urinary system has the advantage of low mineralized or low mineralized waters, which increase diuresis and carry out anti-infection actions.

bowel ok if you drink water

9 – Drinking water is good for the digestive system: being well hydrated also helps the digestive system to work better. Conversely, in a dehydrated person, the kidneys and liver take water from the stool as it increases risk of constipation and constipation.

drinking water is more beautiful

10 – Drinking water makes you more beautiful: non-hydrated skin it gets old earlier, it loses vitality and not drinking is the first step towards loss of elasticity: defenses are lowered and the skin is left exposed to environmental aggressions.

drinking too much water

11 – But be careful not to drink too much water: hyponatremia, or the so-called “water intoxication” occurs when more liquids are consumed than can be disposed of through sweat or urine.

drinking water is good for the brain

12Drinking water is good for the brain: bHaving water allows to reduce the intensity and duration of the headache. Drinking little, on the other hand, can cause a headache if you are predisposed. Also drinking helps the brain to be well hydrated: a little dehydration – 2% weight loss – leads to headache, fatigue, loss of concentration and difficulty in carrying out daily activities. Losing more water produces very damaging effects on the brain, even similar to those of 14 months of aging or two and a half months with Alzheimer’s.

water important at all ages

13The waters according to age: waters for younger children must have a low concentration of salts, while, then, the concentration of salts must be increased according to the age of the child. It is good to limit nitrates to 10 mg / l and a very low sodium percentage. During some particular stages of a woman’s life such as puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, it is best to introduce calcium-rich waters. The elderly then – having an altered mechanism of the stimulus of thirst – drink less water, but they should still take at least 2 liters per day.

important fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated

Finally, an advice: for always being hydrated is a good idea always carry a bottle of water if you eat away from home and choose it as a drink when dining. Also eat more fruits and vegetables for fluids.

And you unimamme what do you think? Meanwhile, we leave you with the post that talks about one mom who is 10 years younger after drinking the water.


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