Do you need to shower daily? Here’s what experts say

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December 27, 2020

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Daily baths have always been associated with “cleanliness”. However, amid pandemic and the work from home schedule, the idea of taking daily baths is being widely discussed. Some people are even highlighting the benefits of taking fewer showers; but is it really wise to skip regular showers?

Dr Yashodhara Sharma, unit head and senior consultant, dermatology, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute said that while showering less can be an individual choice, it “certainly cannot be recommended”. “Needless to mention the benefits of a shower, it is almost a necessity; apart from removing dirt and dead skin, it rejuvenates skin, helps in blood circulation, fighting stress, and removing muscle tension. In short, it collectively even creates a condition of fast recovery from certain diseases,” said Dr Sharma.

During work from home, it may seem futile to take bath daily as one is not stepping out, but it must be noted that even at home, one is not free from bacteria attack on the skin, said Dr Sharma. “Daily shower is very important to maintain the balance of good bacteria and other microorganisms. Of course, bedridden patients and people with certain diseases are not recommended to take bath daily, but they are also advised to keep themselves and their surroundings clean in other ways,” she said.

People with dry skin or sensitive skin

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However, it is said that repeatedly cleaning dry or sensitive skin may prove to be harmful. So what should one do in such a scenario? “Proper moisturising after a bath will help in this regard as sometimes it also depends upon the type of water and toiletries one is using. Hence, seeking a doctor’s advice is better than altogether dropping the idea of taking a frequent shower,” said Dr Sharma. Also in winters, lethargy may lead one to think about the benefits of not taking bath, but remember that bathing helps keep bacteria and bad odour away.

Manage your bathing schedule

*It’s not merely about washing your skin. It is essential to also gently rub your skin to get rid of any dirt and dead skin. You can always consult a specialist for effective and suitable cleansing agents. Apply good quality body oil or moisturiser on the skin immediately after taking bath.

*Keep yourself active for at least 30 minutes after taking bath instead of immediately sitting down to work.

*Try to wash your hair after three days.

*Cold water showers are good, but since it is winter you can use lukewarm water as per comfort. Avoid using extremely hot water as it can make your skin dry.

Dr Gaurav Jain, consultant, internal medicine, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital said it may depend upon individual cases but “generally we do encourage the ritual of daily bathing”. “Instead of dropping the idea of taking bath daily, it can be customised as per one’s health condition,” he said.

*Instead of taking long showers and keeping the skin wet for long, people with sensitive skin are advised to take a quick shower and apply moisturiser immediately after.

*People prone to fungal infection should dry their skin immediately after a short but proper showe,r and apply a good quality moisturiser.

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