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Doc Fleck: Eating well workshop in Hamburg


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11.03.2020 – 15:45

That’s how brilliant the “Gut essen” workshop by Doc Fleck and BILD der FRAU was

BILD der FRAU invited 22 participants to


BILD der FRAU invited 22 participants to the “Gut essen” workshop in Hamburg.

No one whets the appetite for healthy food like her! The workshop premiere was about intestinal health – and Dr. Anne Fleck enthralled 22 BILD der FRAU readers with her expert knowledge and warmth.

The EAT CLUB has dressed up: On the kitchen block in the middle of the show kitchen, colourful berries, crunchy nuts, yellow lemons, linseeds, coconut yoghurt … In the large adjoining room, a lovingly laid table with glasses, plates and cutlery for 23 people awaits you. “Oh, that’s beautiful”, some of the 22 participants call out, eagerly entering the food experience location in the publishing house of the FUNKE media group in Hamburg city centre.

From all over Germany they came to our first “Eat Well” Workshop …to the city. In their luggage: a large portion of curiosity about this very special fit-food premiere – and two of them had their husband with them. “We’re really excited,” says editor-in-chief Sandra Immoor in her welcoming address. And Dr. Anne Fleckwho has been part of the BILD der FRAU team as a nutrition expert for one and a half years, adds: “I am really touched how quickly this event was fully booked. And clarifies: “But today it’s not about me, but about you!”

Doc Fleck: “Eating well” workshop inspires readers

She immediately keeps her promise with her introductory lecture, which is full of valuable tips: that the intestine is the home of a large part of our immune system, and that it has now been scientifically proven how much it influences our emotions. Why the liver is a secret hero, that it “gets up” at two o’clock in the morning and how we can make it a huge pleasure with bitter substances from fennel or chicory. “Simple basic rule,” the TV doctor and bestselling author calls out to the group: “Eat a lot more greens and pulses than you used to.”

“Excuse me,” a participant interrupts, “may I film you? I want to remember as much as possible”. The Doc Fleck spark jumps over. Passionate, rousing, factual, but never instructive, she talks about healthy food like a close friend. One of the good-humoured kind, who needs a little attention but only wants our best. “We changed our diet with Doc Fleck tips three months ago”, say the BILD readers Sabine Zastrow (60) and Anja Stoop (52) from Bergedorf and sip their welcome drink, a ginger-cucumber cocktail. “Since then I have had less desire for sweets, I feel much more powerful”, says Sabine, who runs a cafeteria. Now they’re going to pick up a few more individual tips.

Inge Skowronek (75), from Göttingen and her daughter Sandra (43) are also big Doc- Fleck fans. “Since we have become more aware of our diet, I have fewer attacks of arthritis,” says Inge, while preparing the meal with chef Mirko Trenkner Power Breakfast of bananas, apples, pecans, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup. “My daughter gave me the workshop as a birthday present,” she says enthusiastically – and then she has to move on quickly, the Spelt and Courgette Spaghetti for lunch.

BILD of the FRAU readers swing the cooking spoon

In the meantime, the smell of braised tomatoes has become a delight in the EAT CLUB kitchen. In red PICTURES of WOMAN’S Aprons the participants work together – snipping, frying, mortaring, talking, laughing. In the middle of it all Anne Fleck. Again and again she takes time for intensive one-on-one conversations, listens, gives advice, encourages. “Such a great energy here,” enthuses the doctor and is happy about all the questions. “I want to encourage people to take charge of their own health.”

The dinner, tighter Low-carb maximum and Paprika stollen with pea hummusall eat together at the big wooden table in the next room. And the dessert? That evening it is one hundred percent calorie-free and to go: A large gift bag full of surprises, including a personally autographed Doc Fleck bestseller. A little reminder that healthy food can feel like this day: funny, relaxed, delicious. Gut good – all good!

And that much is a giveaway: The guests of the workshop were thrilled:

  • Rolf and Karla: “The workshop was a gift from our daughter – what a hit!”
  • Sabine (68): “So great that you can also get tips from Doc Fleck personally.”
  • Ramona (60): “The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed: We exchange ideas, learn from each other.
  • Inge (75): “It’s crazy how quickly the protein bread is baked! I’m going to tackle that at home too.”

By the way: For all those who did not get a ticket for the “Gut essen” workshop – BILD der FRAU are already working hard on a sequel!

The 5 most important Doc Fleck tips

  1. Chew carefully. In this way you increase the surface area of the food, the digestive enzymes of the saliva can work better – the intestine is relieved.
  2. Potatoes and rice are best cold! Then there is a lot of resistant starch in them, which supports the good colon bacteria. So let’s get to the potato salad!
  3. Careful with agave syrup. This is a real fructose bomb and it is stored extremely quickly in the liver – and increases the risk of fatty liver. Better for sweetening: honey or maple syrup.
  4. Linseed oil has especially many valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Pay attention to the following information when buying: organic, omega-protected pressed (absence of light, oxygen, heat), with added DHA and EPA (particularly important omega-3 fatty acids derived from algae).
  5. Miracle cure psyllium husks: The swelling mucus in them is incredibly digestive and intestinal regulating. Sprinkle 1 to 2 teaspoons daily in a glass of water or in food. Important: Always drink a lot and buy organic quality.


Now new from BILD der FRAU: “Ingeniously healthy with Doc Fleck” More energy, better sleep, good mood: The top nutritionist Dr. Anne Fleck, known as Doc Fleck, has the right recipes! In the new magazine, BILD, the WOMAN expert, TV doctor and bestselling author also reveals how to stay slim with the right fat or how headaches can be “eaten away”. On 76 pages, readers will find the best feel-good meals from Doc Fleck, she explains the latest study results, gives advice on food purchasing and preparation and also many very specific tips from her everyday practice.

The perfect booklet for everyone who wants to eat well: healthy, uncomplicated and delicious!

BILD der FRAU “Ingeniously healthy with Doc Fleck” will be on sale from 6 March 2020 for 2.30 euros. The shrink-wrapped double pack of “BILD der FRAU & BILD der FRAU Genial gesund mit Doc Fleck” will be available from selected retailers at a special price of only 2.80 euros.


You can read more about the topic “healthy nutrition” on our Doc Blur-theme page.

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