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“Every elder is your grandfather”, the solidarity campaign begins


Launched “Every elder is your grandfather”, the solidarity campaign for lonely elders wanted by the Vatican and aimed at young people.

“Every elder is your grandfather”, the solidarity campaign begins – Universomamma.it (Adobe Stock)

To do feel the elderly less lonely in these months of coronavirus pandemic the solidarity campaign “Every elder is your grandfather”. The initiative is from the Vatican and is inspired precisely by the words spoken by Pope francesco during the Angelus on 26 July, Grandparents’ Day, for invite young people to make their closeness felt to the elderly, isolated due to the health emergency.

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Although the most acute phase of the epidemic in Italy has passed, and it is hoped that it will not return at least not as in March and April, and between May and June the lockdown has been gradually eliminated, with the possibility of leaving the house and traveling, many seniors remain at home as a precaution or lie in nursing homes or rest homes. This situation can lead to long hours of solitude and absence of human contacts which in the long run are very hard and painful. This is why the campaign was launched “Every elder is your grandfather“To invite young adults to call the elderly alone, although there is no kinship with them. A way to show them closeness and humanity. Here is what the initiative consists of.

“Every elder is your grandfather” the solidarity campaign against loneliness

Although Covid-19’s contagions in Italy have decreased considerably and people for more than two months have resumed leaving home and then traveling, the elderly are still closed in their homes or in rsa, hospitals, care centers is retirement homes because for them it is not prudent to go out or lead a social life. Especially for those who are very old with age, or suffer from various serious diseases, the lockdown time is not over. They go out very little or are unable to leave, even due to physical conditions.

They are therefore in a situation of low sociality and solitude which requires a lot care and attention. Except in cases of strict necessity or only for close family members, at the moment it is not possible to visit the elderly in nursing homes and for those who stay at home it is not recommended. In fact, very little is needed to transmit the virus, even completely unconsciously and these categories of subjects are at a very high risk of developing the most serious symptoms, up to death. Although there have been some healings from Covid of very old people.

Technology, however, provides us with all the means we want to get in touch with other people and exchange a chat with them, by phone or, better, with one video call with your smartphone, tablet or computer. In rest homes, electronic devices are provided for connect with grandparents, by family members and grandchildren, but not only.


The initiative “Every elder is your grandfather” wants to promote contacts with the youngest who are left alone and that they no longer have children or grandchildren. Each young person is invited to call or video call an elder alone, at home or in an RSA, too in your neighborhood, for exchange a few words and spend time with him, for keep him company and lighten his loneliness at the time of the pandemic. A remote contact, because the live one for this category of people so fragile to the virus is not yet prudent. It is necessary to maintain physical distance, with the promise of meeting later to visit the elderly in person when conditions are safe.

There is also who the grandparents decide to adopt them, like those children, without natural grandparents, who wrote to the elderly in nursing homes.

elderly grandfather
“Every elder is your grandfather”, the solidarity campaign begins – Universomamma.it (Elderly couple in Bergamo. Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP via Getty Images)

The Campaign “Every elder is your grandfather” is promoted by Vatican dicastery for the laity, family and life and the first contacts have already taken place, with video calls to the elderly in rest homes and even serenades dedicated to them. The invitation addressed to young people from all over the world, explains the Dicastery, is that make a gesture of tenderness is virtually reach the loneliest elders of your neighborhood or parish is send them a hug, as the Pope asked, through a phone call, a video call or an image. Where possible, or when the health emergency permits, the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life invites young people to make the embrace even more concrete, going to find the elderly in person.

The campaign is promoted with the hashtag #sendyourhug, from English “send his hug”. In addition, the most significant posts will be broadcast on the social media of the Dicastery @laityfamilylife.

The message of Pope Francis to the Angelus of 26 July

More information on Vatican News website.

elderly grandparents campaign
“Every elder is your grandfather”, the solidarity campaign begins – Universomamma.it (Adobe Stock)


What do you think of this initiative?

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