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If cats are so agile, it’s because they understand the basic laws of physics very well


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Japanese researchers have revealed that cats understand the principles of gravity and can predict the presence of an invisible object using their hearing.

A hearing-based experience

Tests carried out by Japanese researchers and whose results have been published in the journal Animal Cognition, demonstrated that these cute felines knew some basic principles of physics, including the notion of gravity.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers observed 30 domestic cats, including 13 males and 17 females aged 2 to 126 months, with an average age of 2.87 years. In this experiment, a researcher shook a box in front of the cats which sometimes contained an object and sometimes did not. Then the experimenter turned the box over and the cat observed whether or not something came out of that box.

In 50% of cases, the box made a noise but nothing came out, much to the dismay of the cats who stared at the box for a while, as if they were thinking about how the box made a noise but nothing did not come out.

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Cats use their hearing and the notion of gravity to move better in their environment

From this experience, the researchers conclude that cats are thus endowed with a certain logic. It is thanks to their hearing that they can predict the presence of an object. So, as reported Futura Sciences, the authors state in their report that “this study can be taken as evidence that cats have a rudimentary knowledge of gravity.”

It is perhaps also thanks to this knowledge of the basic principles of physics that cats prove to be good hunters, especially in places and situations which do not offer them a good visibility on their prey. To compensate for this shortcoming, these felines use their hearing which, moreover, is particularly developed.


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