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In Albi, a DJ is calling on the night professionals to demonstrate: “We’re fed up with being considered pestiferous”.


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Jymmy Santovito is very worried about the future of the night world to which he belongs. The Tarnese DJ calls his colleagues to gather on Wednesday 24th June from 2pm at Place du Vigan in Albi to show their concern for the future.

Nothing is going well for the night world, its discos, its DJs, its performers, its technicians… While life is slowly returning to normal in most areas, the discos remain closed and most local parties have been cancelled.

Jymmy Santovito, an Albigensian DJ better known by his stage name Jim X, has decided to react by launching a call for a rally (“les griffes de la nuit”) on Wednesday 24 June from 2pm on Place du Vigan.

A first in the history of the night.
It’s incredible but the night has never manifested itself.
All the more incredible…

Published by Jim X Prods on Saturday 20 June 2020

“Enough is enough, goes Jim X. The world of night, which had been getting destroyed for years, is being brought down. And there’s not a lot of reaction… On Wednesday, I want to set up a little barnum to make music, to say we’re here, to explain what’s happening to us,” says the Albigensian.

He hopes to be heard by his colleagues at night and to rally a lot of people. “The idea is not to parade, but to be heard through this gathering, to show that we’re alive.”

Jim X, who wonders about the role of representative unions in the night world, refuses to be considered “a pestiféré. And the word is not too strong.”


Link to the event:

Published by Jim X Prods on Saturday 20 June 2020

There’s no way he’s gonna let this pass. Currently DJ in a nightclub in Tarbes, he is used to animate about twenty parties in the local parties of the Tarn, Lot and Aveyron during the summer.

Jim X hasn’t had a good experience of the confinement he felt “under house arrest.”

“Music is my life… I don’t have any other job on the side,” adds Jim X, who doesn’t take off. “I’m forbidden to entertain at parties in small villages. I’ve got to get someone to explain to me. They allow 20,000 people in Paris, and I’m not allowed to get 200 people together in the square of a remote village in the Tarn!”

“This lack of fairness revolts me.”

Beyond that, the DJ denounces a general hypocrisy. “Some people throw private parties with 300 people. What about us? It’s this lack of fairness that revolts me. For the past 20 years, the nightlife’s been taking a beating.”

Jim X has already received the support of Christophe DoumercThe same is true of the Hot Club, a libertine nightclub in the north-east of Toulouse, which has been running for 24 years.

“When I see how barrier gestures have been completely disregarded in bars over the past few weeks, it makes you wonder. I go round the music bars in the village where I live, and I can tell you that after a certain hour, people are on top of each other,” says the discotheque owner.

“If you don’t agree with this law: Speak out! Stop kowtowing,” says Jim X, who hopes to see the crowds of great days Wednesday in Albi.

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