January 5 is Amelia’s name day

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On 5 January the name day of who is called Amelia is celebrated. Let’s find out the meaning of the name and the history of the saint remembered today.

girl name amelia

The name, deriving from the German Amal which means “work”, indicates “working person“And, from the name of an Ostrogothic family Amali, it means”virgin of the maquis“.

Those who bear this name tend to be selfless and helpful.

The variants of the name are:

THE symbols associated with the name are:

  • purple
  • lucky number: 9
  • stone: amethyst
  • metal: bronze

Saint of the day: Virgin Saint Amelia

The saint remembered on January 5 is one Christian martyr, who died in Gerona in Spain in the fourth century, around 304 AD

Of his life there is nothing, but only that he belonged to a group of martyrs, as reported in an ancient Breviary of Gerona which contains a long list of martyrs during the persecution of Diocletian, lasted from 243 to 313 AD

The bishop of Gerona in 1336 discovered the relics of the martyrs and had an altar dedicated to them in the cathedral, we read on Saints and Blessed.

Finally it is protector of miners, although often considered this Santa Barbara, the patroness of the fire brigade.


And do you unimamme like this name?

January 5 is Amelia’s name day

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