Mexicans receive support to create drug against Covid-19 in Switzerland

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Mexican researchers will be supported by the National Network of State Science and Technology Councils and Organizations (Rednacecyt) to continue his research project in search of a drug against the Covid-19 at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

“This project is focused on developing a antiviral using a mix of disciplines. It will be a nanohybrid that may be able to attack the virus, “said Alonso Huerta, president of Rednacecyt.

In a virtual press conference, he explained that the project works on the conjunction of nanoparticles and bioparticles to isolate and inhibit the reproduction of this virus.

This is the result of the “Call for Access to Synchrotron Light Time to combat COVID-19”, which the Hidalgo State Government and the Paul Scherrer Institute issued on March 23 and closed on May 9, to which a total of 20 projects were enrolled.

The project of the Pachuca Polytechnic University It is conceptualized in two stages, the first to investigate how a nanoparticle would interact with the compounds that are projected to be used in the drug and a second stage that consists of knowing how it would be acting with the virus.

Huerta explained that, if everything goes well, in one year the concept would be validating and perhaps in two years it would be ready to be commercialized.

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“If we see it in the horizon of two years, it is a very short time, with respect to how the development of drugs occurs and the time is reduced because experience is being used for other viruses,” Huerta said.

In the project, he said, an interdisciplinary group of eight researchers works “and that allows the results to have a wider use,” he said.

They will protect intellectual property

The company specialized in industrial and intellectual property management ClarkeModet México, headed by Lorena Rodríguez, indicated that it will give its support to the scientific research project of the Polytechnic University of Pachuca that will seek to generate a greater understanding of the structure of the coronavirus.

ClarkeModet Mexico specialists will support Mexican scientists to face the challenges of intellectual and industrial property, so that the project reaches the pharmaceutical sector.

Lorena Rodríguez regretted that in Mexico support for innovation projects is low.

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“That is why we made the decision to participate in this project. Collaborate with technicians, specialists, for this project that will make a difference as it progresses. It is a project with a great impact on humanity,” he said.

Jorge Carpinteyro, consulting director of ClarkeModet México, pointed out that it is important to start working on the registration of possible patents.

“It is essential to protect elements that are already feasible to register and give them (the researchers) peace of mind that everything they are developing will be protected,” he said.


Mexicans receive support to create drug against Covid-19 in Switzerland

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