More and more people are rising up against the fashion industry which is destroying our planet

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January 4, 2021

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Currently, more and more people and organizations are blocking the various fashion displays. Whether it’s Fashion Week or fast fashion, people formerly interested in this kind of event are gradually turning away from this trend to devote themselves to a more worrying problem: the future of our planet.

More and more people are boycotting Fashion Week

Fashionistas shun Fashion Week. More and more considered as “has-been”, harmful to the environment and futile, fashion events are starting to scare away their fans, and important players in these events have even chosen to boycott them.

This is the case, for example, of the Swedish Fashion Council, which chose to cancel the Stockholm Fashion Week which was to be held from Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 August 2019. In a press release reported by Slate, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council, Jennie Rosén, indeed said that “making the choice to move away from the very conventional model of Fashion Week was difficult, but it is a well-considered decision. We must leave the past behind to enable the development of a platform suitable for today’s fashion industry. “

Likewise, Hayley Louisa Brown, who joined the international movement against global warming Extinction Rebellion, had also announced that she would not attend London Fashion Week, scheduled from Friday September 13 to Tuesday September 17, 2019.

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Why such an antipathy towards fashion events?

If fashion week was previously a popular event for stars, fashionistas, the media and all fashion lovers, today the fast fashion and they are increasingly viewed with a negative eye. It’s Stéphanie Calvino, founder of Anti-fashion Dating, a platform that campaigns for a more responsible fashion industry, which highlights one of the reasons. She says in Slate that “Big brands have a bag made ten times before they show it. It is not about fast fashion but we are approaching it. The opulence of waste manufacturing is due to a certain elite who do not have the same stakes. “

Louis, an Extinction Rebellion activist, is even more explicit in his words when he tells Slate that “Fashion Week is just a spectacular and ostentatious way of showing an overvaluation of expensive goods in the West, which fuels this machine to produce things that you don’t need: capitalism ”. He continues that “as the second most polluting industry in the world, attacking Fashion Week, its symbolic value, is only a way of alerting public opinion to the deleterious effects that globally has industry from an environmental point of view ”.

Anti-fashion acts have already been launched

In terms of attacks, activists have already walked the talk. For example, as Slate reports, Helsinki wanted to be a pioneer city in modern fashion by launching its zero waste Fashion Week in 2016. Likewise, Extinction Rebellion also held a funeral day in September 2019 to commemorate the damage and loss caused by the fashion industry both on a human and environmental level.

The group has also already taken anti-fashion punch action against clothing brand H&M by dumping 1.5 tonnes of clothing in front of a Parisian store.

Fashion Weeks are they likely to disappear?

It is perhaps an illusion to think that fashion events will disappear overnight. However, Stéphanie Calvino thinks that it is imperative that the industry rethink its principles and its mode of operation. She declares in the Slate article that “we must stop producing in large numbers what is shown only once at Fashion Week, recycle the set design or give it to young designers on a tight budget or stop keeping the tissues used not to give them ”.

Because mutual aid does not really exist in the fashion industry. Brands are thus reluctant to give help to young shoots for fear of being copied. A behavior that makes no sense according to Stéphanie Calvino because currently, there are young designers who copy the big brands and resell the clothes at reduced prices on the Internet without this bothering the owners of the brand, to name only the case of Clothing and Vetememes.

But from a general point of view, we have to ask ourselves if fashion events like Fashion Week are still necessary and useful nowadays when now everything is shared, commented on and criticized on the Internet and social networks? Are the invitations and all the hustle and bustle around Fashion Week really necessary?

une renard mort fourrure mode
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