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Rakhi Sweet Recipe: Know how to make famous rajashthani popular dessert or sweet ghevar at home in hindi


Famous Rajasthani Sweet Ghevar- In a few days, Rakshabandhan, the festival of brother and sister, is coming. However, this time people would prefer to try something at home to sweeten the brother’s mouth, not from the sweet shops due to coronavirus. So that his brother’s health will also remain with the joy of the festival. If you also want to try something different on this occasion, then here is the famous dessert recipe of Rajasthan, Ghevar. The special thing is that you can make this dessert at home within just one hour.

Materials for making ghevar-
-3 cups flour
-1 (solid) gram ghee
-3-4 snowflakes
-4 cup water
-1/2 cup milk
-1/4 tsp food color (yellow)
-Ghee (for deep fry)

To make syrup
-1 cup sugar
-1 cup water

For Topping –
-1 tsp cardamom powder
-1 tbsp almonds and pistachios (chopped)
Milk and Saffron

Simple way to make ghevar-
To make ghevar, first make a string syrup. Then add ghee and a piece of ice in a large bowl and stir the ghee rapidly. Till the color of ghee turns white, add ice pieces to the ghee and keep stirring it. Now take milk, flour and water and make a thin mixture. Dissolve the yellow color of food in some water. Keep in mind that the mixture should be thin (the mixture comes out easily with a spoon while making the ghevar).

Now take a steel or aluminum vessel, whose length should be at least 12 inches and five-six inches thick. Now fill half the pot with ghee and heat it. When smoke starts coming out of the ghee, then 50 ml. Fill the mixture like a thin razor in a glass of glass and pour it into the center of the pot.

Now allow this mixture to solidify properly. While the mixture is freezing, roll another glass mixture into the pot and roll it into the edges. If the ghevar will leave the side of the vessel and small holes appear in the middle of it, then take it out carefully and place it on a wire sieve.

Place the syrup in an open pot. Now dip the ghevar in hot sugar syrup and take it out. To remove excess sugar syrup from the ghevar, place it on a wire. When cold, apply silver foil on the top of the ghevar. Sprinkle some saffron on it, add chopped dry fruits and a pinch of cardamom powder and serve. You can also serve this ghevar with rabri.



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