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Returning home with the newborn: here’s how to prepare


Return home with the newborn. How can we prepare for the best? Here are some tips on the house and how to welcome it.

Newborn baby (unsplash source)

The long awaited day has arrived. After nine long months, your baby is just born and you are ready to take him home.

In addition to the emotion that rises from the moment you are diving in a new adventure, every mother is assaulted by a thousand questions: will I have done everything necessary to welcome the baby? will the cot fit? how will the dog take it?

Do not panic, there is a solution to everything and above all there is no right or wrong way to go home with your baby. Certainly many mothers will have taken care of decorating the room, buying all the accessories they need and the fateful layette with clothes tailored for the baby. In case you are about to welcome the little one, here are some tips on how to make your home safer.

Usually, if you have the opportunity and the space, we tend to create a room all for him. In the event that for the moment it is not possible, you just need to buy a cot where to put it down when he sleeps.

Then later on we will think of a room for him or her. In any case, before they need their spaces, it will still take some time.

Returning home with the newborn: how to organize the home for the arrival of the baby

Children's bedroom (unsplash source)
Children’s bedroom (unsplash source)

First of all it is fundamental have a good wooden bed, where to make the little ones sleep. This is important because it allows the child to sleep peacefully and in peace not only does his greeting go also in the future, but also of yours because it will allow you to sleep for a few hours.

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So it is important that the sides of the bed, when the baby is inside, are always raised. And they should have a distance from the mattress of 60 cm. The mattress must be rigid and have the same dimensions as the cot so that the baby cannot fall into the slots.

It is always good not to use the pillow and in winter cover the baby with various blankets and not with a duvet. Also when you put him in his bed it is good to put it in half and never too close to the railing because he could bang his head or get stuck. Another thing to keep in mind is when you put it down: avoid putting it on your stomach, but on the side or belly up.

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In case he sleeps with you in the room, in your bed, place it on top of the covers and cover it with lighter covers. This prevents it from falling to the bottom of the bed under the covers.

Regarding the layette always privilege simple and not too complicated clothes that they can easily meet you in dressing and undressing the child.

Also it would be good to buy clothes made with natural fibers such as: cotton, hemp, linen, silk.

Consequently don’t dress the baby too much, this will not save him from any colds or fevers, on the contrary it could contribute to make them have them. Precisely for this you try to keep at home a temperature between 18 and 20 degrees, always circulating the air.

Finally, if you have pets at home, don’t worry too much about their reaction. First of all vaccinate them and keep them clean and then to avoid jealousies introduce the baby to the dog or cat so that they both get to know each other.

You will see that after a while they will become inseparable and then, in the growth of a child, pets greatly improve the quality of life as well as for adults. In fact, an animal at home can be an excellent example of life for the baby, especially in the moment of growth.

Baby between the covers (unsplash source)
Baby between the covers (unsplash source)

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And how did you Unimamme welcome your little one at home?

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