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Russia to launch Covid-19 vaccine as early as next month

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Over the past few months, the Covid-19 has caused countless deaths across the world. Recently, Russia announced that it would be able to mass produce a vaccine against the virus very soon. Denis Mantourov, Russian Minister of Commerce, said in particular that industrial production of the vaccine would begin next September.

Mass production from September

Developed by the epidemiology and microbiology research laboratory Nikolai Gamaleïa, the vaccine will be mass produced by three Russian biomedical companies from September. According to the Russian Minister of Commerce, Russia should be able to deliver hundreds of thousands of doses per month starting this year and up to several million doses per month early next year.

Like many other countries, Russia has been working on several coronavirus vaccines for several months. The one who will be produced from September 2020 was developed by the Nikolaï Gamaleïa epidemiology and microbiology research laboratory in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense.

Researchers are concerned about the speed of vaccine development

Note first that this is a viral vector vaccine. In other words, it uses another transformed and adapted virus to fight Covid-19 as a carrier. According to the Ministry of Defense, clinical trials on soldiers have been shown to be conclusive and without side effects. Despite this, the researchers are quite worried about the speed of the vaccine development. They fear in this case that certain steps have been skipped to speed up the work.

For his part, Vitali Zverev, professor and head of laboratory at the Metchnikov research institute, thinks it is far too early to approve a vaccine that has not been sufficiently tested. ” It is impossible to ensure the safety of a vaccine during a period of time such as that between us and the onset of the pandemic “, He explained. In addition, the companies in charge of production would lack experience for such a delicate project.

Russia, however, seems determined to follow its plans. Meanwhile, Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, has already announced on television that Russia will not only be ahead of the United States, but also other countries as part of the launch of the first licensed vaccine against coronavirus.


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