Save calories: Lose weight with the 25-second rule

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June 22, 2020

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Super slim trick: lose weight with the 25-second rule

Stay on the diet: Do you know the 25-second rule?

Stay on the diet: Do you know the 25-second rule?

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Healthier and slimmer through life – and all this simply with the 25-second rule. We reveal what is behind it and how exactly the rule works.

Are you the impatient kind? If so, that can be an advantage. Especially if you want to save calories and live healthier with a simple trick. Read here how to use the 25-second rule decrease can.

25-second rule: Weight loss made easy

The scientist Brad Appelhans of Rush University Medical Center has found out in an experiment that people are reluctant to wait for tasty snacks. They prefer to choose a healthy alternative that they can hold in their hands immediately.

For the experiment, Appelhans and a team developed a very special snack machine called DISC-System (delays to improve snack selection). Anyone who wants to buy an unhealthy snack such as a chocolate bar here has to wait 25 seconds for it. The waiting time is shown as a countdown on a display. During this time, however, the person has the option of choosing a healthy alternative instead of the chocolate bar – one that would be immediately available.

Really hungry people do not want to wait

The surprising result: an astonishing number of the test subjects actually choose a healthy snack that they do not have to wait for. “People prefer the immediate satisfaction This system influences our decisions and our behaviour in daily life. Waiting for something makes it less desirable,” Appelhans concludes from his experiment.

The experiment is also informative for everyday life. Are you hungry or do you want to get a refill after dinner? Then take a breath and count to 25. These few seconds are usually enough to make you aware of what you really want to eat – or to establish that you are no longer hungry. This way, you can often do without seconds or choose an apple instead of a handful of chips.

Conversely, of course, this means that anyone who replenishes their plate immediately after eating or takes an unhealthy snack when they first feel like it, is consuming unnecessarily too many calories. One of many unhealthy eating habitsthat stand in the way of successful weight loss!

Conclusion: 25-second rule to support a diet

Of course, the 25-second rule cannot be compared with a real diet or a healthy change of diet. But if you follow the 25-second rule, not only will you live healthier, you’ll also save a lot of calories – with minimal effort.

Those who are not in such a hurry with the big consumer successes can simply see that they save calories in their everyday life wherever it is convenient. With us you can find out how you can, for example save many calories when grilling the right Drinks with little sugar find or which Kitchen tips to help you cook with fewer calories. Even when cooking Noodles and potatoes can reduce the calories. Here you can find out,how to do it. More tips can also be found in the playlist:

All other guides and great recipes for your Diet you will find on our topics page.

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