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Scientific community launches consultation for the Science and Technology Law


Members of the scientific community have developed a proposal for the new General Science Law, Technology and Innovation and through 22 questions, they have opened an online consultation in which they invite the academic community and society in general to participate in order to improve and enrich this proposal and to be attentive to the discussion, which they say will be discussed in Congress in the near future. of the Union.

The members of ProCienciaMX, which is the Network of researchers and academics of universities, public research centers and national health institutes interested in the development of science, technology and innovation, launched on June 21 the consultation to “create consensus that will lead to legislation that guarantees the optimal development of Mexican science ”.

The call to the community that is open on the site https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/ProCiencia, and they propose 8 socioeconomic questions, but in particular there are 16 questions that have to do with the central theme, and among them it stands out if they agree that 2% of the budget is devoted to science and technology; whether the governance model should be centralizing or inclusive; whether consultation bodies and committees should be created; if the definition of policies should be taken by Conacyt or by consulting councils; yes Public Research Centers they must be autonomous in their operation and administration.

They also raise questions about who should participate in drafting the Science and Technology Law, and who should participate in decisions; What should be the priorities of science and technology in Mexico, for example, if the contribution of science and technology in the national development agenda should be guaranteed and knowledge of the border generated, among many other issues.

With the consultation they seek discussion and exchange of ideas on the proposed law that they have developed. “We are convinced that the deliberation and final drafting of the Law must have the open and plural participation of the scientific, technological and business communities.”

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They assure that the new Law will be, therefore, the ideal legal instrument to coordinate the competences of the national and local instances in matters of science, technology and innovation.

The scientific community assures that with the modification of article 3 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, on May 15, 2019, in its section V elevates the right of Mexicans to “enjoy the benefits of the development of science and technological innovation” and mandates the Congress of the Union to issue a General Law of Science, Technology and Innovation no later than 2020.

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They point out that according to the same section V, “.. the State will support scientific, humanistic and technological research and innovation, and will guarantee open access to the information derived from it, for which it must provide sufficient resources and incentives, in accordance to the bases of coordination, linkage and participation established by the laws on the matter; It will also encourage the strengthening and dissemination of our culture. “

In the presentation of the consultation, ProCienciaMX ensures that science, technology and innovation are the best tools that our country has to guarantee its development and that for this to happen, it is not enough to invest but that investment must be directed to sectors priority so that its benefits reach all Mexicans.

“The elaboration of a General Law of Science and Technology is the ideal opportunity to generate a legal framework that allows the increase in the budget for science, technology and innovation and for scientists to find better conditions for their work. This Law will also guarantee that the benefits of science, technology and innovation reach all Mexicans through the coordination of the three levels of government, “they point out.



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