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Smoking and vaping increase the risk of Covid-19 contamination among young people


So far, a lot of information related to Covid-19 remains unknown. Indeed, scientists have not yet had enough time to carry out the studies necessary to know all the parameters influencing the spread of the disease. Either way, researchers are doing their best and recently found that smoking and vape could increase your risk of getting infected.

Five times more risk of having Covid-19 for young people who vape

A new study by researchers at Stanford University raises serious concerns that teens and young adults who vape or smoke are more likely to contract Covid-19. According to the study published in review Journal of Adolescent Health, an individual who smokes e-cigarettes is five times more likely to be infected with the coronavirus. Worse yet, a person who vapes and smokes regular cigarettes is seven times more likely to get the disease. To come to this conclusion, the researchers conducted an online survey of 4,300 individuals aged 13 to 24.

Participants were asked to answer questions about their consumption of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. They were also asked if they had exhibited symptoms of Covid-19, had been tested or had a positive diagnosis of the disease. Other factors such as obesity and other socio-demographic factors were also taken into account. Besides being more easily affected by the coronavirus, the study also found that people who smoke and vape are more likely to experience symptoms of the disease. Among these symptoms stand out fever, cough and breathing difficulties.

With the worrying results of this new study, researchers hope that responsible authorities will impose stricter rules and policies on access to e-cigarettes by young people, especially adolescents. They also hope to educate young people about the risks of vaping and Covid-19. ” Young people may believe their age is preventing them from contracting the virus or that they will not experience symptoms of Covid-19, but data shows this is not true in those who vape “Said the lead author of the study, Shivani Mathur Gaiha, in a communique.

Smoking and vaping increase the risk of Covid-19 contamination among young people 14
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The recurring problem of illnesses linked to e-cigarettes

As the basis for the research was primarily done on a demographic basis, the study did not reveal how vaping affects the health of the individuals concerned. According to The Verge, some theories have still been put forward. According to the researchers, the increased risk of Covid-19 could therefore be linked to how vaping affects the lungs or the immune system. It has also been reported that people who vape tend to share devices and touch their face more when they smoke.

Remember that long before the pandemic, the use of electronic cigarettes was a source of great controversy in 2019. Let us recall that vaping had caused mysterious lung diseases – and even deaths – in many individuals, especially young people in the United States. Doctors and health experts have since warned against vaping because of its effects on the lungs. Since then, health experts have called on regulators to impose stricter policies on the purchase of e-cigarettes by teens.


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