Intuitive eating: Healthy and slim with body feeling

19.09.2019 – 15:46 With body feeling Intuitive eating: Listen to your body! Photo: imago images / Westend61 Intuitive eating: This does not only mean to pay attention to your own body feeling, but also to take time for eating and enjoying it. A healthy diet is ultimately individual. Intuitive eating teaches you to find the […]

How a glass of water in the morning helps you lose weight

Can it be that simple? You want to lose weight? THAT’s why you should drink a glass of water in the morning! Boosts your metabolism, helps you lose weight and is good for your health: start the day with a glass of water. Probably the easiest way to lose weight: Start the day with a […]

Weight loss traps: Food that makes you hungry

We eat food in order to live – and of course we like it because it tastes good. However, many people try to keep a slim figure and not eat more than they absolutely have to. But in fact there are some foods that miss their real purpose: satiety. Instead, they even tempt you to […]

Save calories: Lose weight with the 25-second rule

20.05.2020 – 11:54 This must be observed! Super slim trick: lose weight with the 25-second rule Stay on the diet: Do you know the 25-second rule? Stay on the diet: Do you know the 25-second rule? Show description Healthier and slimmer through life – and all this simply with the 25-second rule. We reveal what […]

Acupressure: Losing weight at the touch of a finger –

28.05.2020 – 17:15 Fewer kilos thanks to acupressure Look out! THESE pressure points can help you lose weight Photo: iStock/byryo The Chinese art of acupressure can not only relax and counteract diseases, but also prevent ravenous appetite attacks and speed up digestion. Lose weight at the touch of a button? More like the push of […]

Drain the body: With exercise & the right food

17.06.2020 – 11:03 tips & tricks Swollen? So you can drain your body Gently draining the body – the best tips Gently draining the body – the best tips Show description It’s an unpleasant feeling, isn’t it? Your body stores water, you feel uncomfortable and bloated. This is caused by water retention in the tissues. […]

Flexitarian diet: lose weight healthy and without renunciation

04.02.2020 – 16:43 Dietary trend Less meat, more vegetables: This is how the Flexitarier diet works Photo: iStock/Rocky89 The Flexitarier diet is based on a vegetarian diet with lots of vegetables, without having to do without meat completely. This should enable a healthy and lasting weight loss. Lose weight in a healthy way, without calorie […]

Sirtfood diet: Adele has lost over 40 kilos

14.02.2020 – 14:48 Slim with Sirtuin Sirtfood diet: Singer Adele has lost over 40 kg Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images This is not what Adele looks like anymore. Apparently the singer lost quite a bit of weight on her sirt-food diet. It’s probably the most intense celebrity transformation of the last few months: When […]

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