Walmart is changing its store design, and here’s what it looks like

Walmart is rolling out a dramatic redesign for its supercenters and other store locations that closely mimics the look of an airport. The new layout is supposed to be more efficient for shopping and emphasizes the use of a smartphone and the Walmart app to make the experience more streamlined. 200 stores will receive the […]

Walmart’s unadvertised sale has so many great deals – here are 10 you need to see

Walmart is hosting a big sale on its site that most people are totally unaware of because it’s not being advertised prominently on Walmart’s homepage. Despite the lack of promotion, Walmart is offering more than 1,800 different discounts in its big “Savings Spotlight” sale today. Here, we’ll run through our picks for the 10 best […]

Walmart will require all shoppers to wear face masks starting July 20th

Walmart and Sam’s Club will require all shoppers to wear face masks starting on Monday, July 20th. Walmart Health Ambassadors will stand near the front of stores to remind customers that they need to be wearing a face covering if they want to enter the store. Sam’s Club will hand out complimentary masks to members […]

Walmart may perhaps replace cashiers with self-checkout kiosks – BGR

Walmart is experimenting with the notion of changing cashiers at its retailers with self-checkout kiosks. The experiment will start off with one store in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Walmart may well decide to develop its cashier-less checkout to other suppliers based on consumer comments and irrespective of whether or not these kinds of a setup will help […]

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