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The baby shower for the couple


Have you already heard of the baby shower for the couple? A party for mum and dad who comes from America and which is becoming more and more trendy

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The baby shower traditionally is the party for the baby, which is usually organized for the expectant mother. A new trend is to organize it for mom and dad, with relatives and friends.

The baby shower for the couple, a trendy party to celebrate the baby

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If the baby shower is now a consolidated tradition in our country, the baby shower for the couple it is a relatively new trend that comes from America and is finding more and more feedback.

In fact, the idea of ​​sharing this party for the child also with the father and of “opening” the party to male guests is something that many couples appreciate.


Usually the baby shower is not organized by the expectant mother but by a close relative or friend of hers. If you are planning to organize the baby shower for the couple, here are some small tricks and ideas that will make it an unforgettable day of joy and love for future moms and dads.

First of all make sure the future dad likes it! It seems obvious, but perhaps not everyone may want to share this moment. If he is a dad who is also actively experiencing pregnancy, he will surely want to attend his baby’s first party.

Make sure you have enough space. If the traditional baby shower is “for women only”, expanding the invitations to men will also need more space. A garden or a terrace, but also a large hall will lend themselves well to welcoming couples of friends and relatives who will participate in the party.


Select neutral colors and don’t overdo it with pink and blue. The favorite colors for the baby shower are usually pastel ones, but you can find alternative shades that will make everyone agree and will not make it an exclusive party for women.

Think of the buffet for both parents. If you choose soft drinks and delicate foods for the mother, maybe organize too a barbecue in the garden or on the terrace with beer and hot sauce for males, who usually love this culinary activity. You can also add cute sweets or chocolate cigars to the cake to give to men.

For gifts, think of the child but also of mom and dad. There are lots of fun items to give even to new dads, so if you decide to do a gift to the couple rather than the baby, include the dad as well.

Organize gods fun games to play even in couplesto. Here we propose some, but range with the imagination and the result will be hilarious.

  • Baby bump twister game. Provide all guests with a pillow to put under the shirt and weights to put on the ankles and play twister by letting everyone try what it feels like to do it “with the belly”
  • Obstacle course with the stroller. If you have space, organize an obstacle course to ride with the stroller. Whoever manages to do it without dropping anything, wins a prize
  • Guess what the baby will be like. Print photos of the future mother and father as children and tell the guests to cut out the various parts of the face and try to create the face of the unborn child
  • The bottle race. Try filling baby bottles with juice or milk and have a “last sip” contest. Whoever finishes first, wins a prize
  • Don’t break the waters. A fun idea, if you have an outdoor space, is to fill balloons with water that symbolize the “waters of the future mother”. The couples present will have to throw them trying not to make them break.


If you liked these ideas, you just have to launch yourself in the organization of your baby shower for the couple and make this event fun and memorable for future parents, the first party for their child to which they will participate together.

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And you unimamme what do you think? Do you prefer to celebrate alone or with your future dad?

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