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Tips against constant snacking in the home office


20.04.2020 – 17:15

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What helps against constant snacking in the home office

The best tips against constant snacking in the home office

The best tips against constant snacking in the home office

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The refrigerator, the supplies and the candy drawer are simply too close in the home office. The result: constant snacking. We have the best tips for you to deal with this.

Exit restrictions, quarantine, home office: Our everyday life is currently turned upside down and being at home can encourage many an unhealthy habit. These include constant snacking, nibbling and eating. But it’s also not easy to control yourself when the refrigerator is within reach and hardly anyone notices the constant reaching into the candy drawer.

But not only in the present time, but also in general, constant nibbling can become a calorie trap that can promote weight gain, blood sugar fluctuations and even obesity. Therefore we have listed some helpful Tips against constant snacking in the home office but also for you in general.

The best tips against constant snacking in the home office

In addition to everyday life at home, fears and stress, which many people have to deal with in the current situation, can also lead to constant snacking. Snacking, such as chocolate and chips, certainly appeals to our reward centres in the brain and makes us feel good – but not in the long run. An irregular eating routine, a low-nutrient diet (pasta, bread, ready-made meals) and boredom can also stimulate cravings and cravings for snacks.

The following tips help against constant snacking in the home office (and in general):

  • Solid meals: Bring structure and regularity into your eating routine, especially in the current situation. If the body knows that it receives regular food, cravings and appetites can be reduced.
  • Nutrient-rich food: Also make sure you have enough nutrients and fibre for a lasting feeling of satiety. Because if the body does not get the vitamins and minerals it needs, it will demand more food.
  • Hiding snacks: It is best to keep snacks and sweets out of sight. In this way you avoid the visual attraction that can tempt you to snack.
  • No unhealthy snack foods: The safest method against constant snacking is not to have any unhealthy snacks in stock. But many people find it difficult to do without chocolate or chips. Think of it as a kind of experiment that you just have to try out.
  • Have healthy snacks in stock: Instead of completely giving up snacking, you at least reach for healthy and nutritious snacks. Have fresh fruit, vegetables, unsalted nuts and natural yoghurt in stock in case your cravings get the better of you.
  • Drink enough water: (Hot) hunger is often confused with thirst. Make sure you drink enough. But no soft drinks, because they contain plenty of sugar, calories and other additives. Drink water or unsweetened tea. This also stimulates the metabolism.
  • Relaxation instead of stress eating: Stress, worries and fears can certainly encourage constant snacking. Snacking can feel comforting and soothing in these emotional states. However, as this feeling does not last long, regular relaxation breaks are the better alternative for dealing with stress. Make sure you have enough moments of self-care in your daily life, try mindfulness exercises or do whatever relaxes you.
  • Exercise instead of eating out of boredom: Not only stress, but also boredom can promote constant snacking. Instead of eating out of boredom, look for an alternative, such as exercise. Walk around the block, stretch for a few minutes or take an online fitness class if you are bored. This way you can fill the time sensibly, because especially in the current situation exercise is often not enough.
  • Conscious enjoyment instead of bad conscience and renunciation: Especially at this time you should not be too strict with yourself. Also in general it does not have to be a complete renunciation of chocolate, sweets, chips or other snacks. It is rather a question of quantity. Instead, pay attention to conscious enjoyment and attentiveness when eating and snacking.

Conclusion on constant snacking in the home office

No question, it is not easy to pull yourself together when you are constantly surrounded by food and supplies of all kinds at home. The many and sometimes unhealthy foods during the corona crisis can actually promote weight gain. Make sure you are aware of your diet and snacking habits and make use of the tips against constant snacking that we have compiled for you.

One thing is especially important: Don’t stress yourself even more in the current situation by compulsively trying to avoid snacks or anything else. Instead, during the corona crisis, make sure that you take care of yourself and do yourself good.

You can find more about the current situation and the coronary crisis on our extensive topic page. You can find inspiration for dealing with stress in the home office on our topic page Relaxation and stress management.

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