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December 9, 2020

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The advent calendar prepares us for Christmas and is a useful tool for children to let them experience the Christmas spirit in the right way.

children's advent calendar
DIY advent calendar

Advent is the period that precedes the birth of Christ. It should begin, according to the Roman calendar, the last Sunday of November, a therefore variable date; according to the Ambrosian calendar instead it starts six weeks before Christmas, therefore always on November 11th.

The Advent calendar to do together with the children

The advent calendar on the other hand is now a local tradition that we have imported from Germany and marks the days of December before Christmas. So from December 1st to December 24th.

It is therefore the first activity in chronological order that anticipates Christmas.

It is now more and more common for the family to prepare the advent calendar first and then start the Christmas decorations. A tradition that starts from religion but then it was adapted for commercial use. Certainly a tradition that children like so much and that can be handed down in the family.

The calendar it is made in the most disparate materials and forms and consists of 24 boxes which correspond precisely to the days before Christmas. The boxes will come numbered and in each box, or package or bag, it will be put a little gift for the child, which can be both edible and material. Alternatively, some activities to do daily with the child based on age and abilities, of course.


advent calendar with children
The advent calendar is a discovery for children

In fact, the calendar must be prepared together with the children, the real protagonists of the party and of the Christmas spirit. As the Dr. Deborah Auteri, which we have known and enjoyed talking about petition for transparent masks at school, this activity helps them to learn some important concepts.

For example the time passage between “yesterday”, “today” and “tomorrow”, sometimes difficult to understand for the little ones because it is an abstract concept that instead with the lived experience of the calendar and what the child discovers day by day at inside the boxes will be simpler and more direct.

Again, the doctor suggests that, for i kids more large, the advent calendar can be a fun way to repeat numbers and the sequence maths, the calculation of the open boxes and the remaining ones.

Furthermore, the sense of expectation that the child will try daily while waiting for his gift will be a very formative experience for him, teaching them patience, as the psychologist explained Doctor Samantha Bruno in her post about waiting for Christmas.

If you are afraid that it may “cheat” and open all the bags or packages together, fill them day by day.

A really nice idea is to make a game that lasts throughout the advent period. A sort of treasure hunt involving children daily with riddles and riddles to find the present of that day.

This activity, in addition to being certainly fun for the little ones, can help you mothers to pass the time in this particular moment when it is not always possible to go to school, but also help children to solve problems, to understand the riddles and to find the gift according to the indications date is a great stimulus for their brain.


Finally, let’s remember how important it is for children sharing family moments. Creating the calendar together, waiting for Christmas together and opening the gift together will be a moment to share with mom and dad and it will surely remain etched in his mind.

So here are some valuable suggestions of the speech therapist Deborah Auteri on Instagram, to create your own advent calendar at home.

For what concern gift of the day, there is no need to spend a huge amount, just choose a small object or a candy that your baby loves, for sure the wait and the surprise will make everything unique.

If, on the other hand, you love the idea of ​​preparing for Christmas with the advent calendar and making the wait with your children even more magical, but at the same time you do not have the creativity or the time to dedicate yourself to DIY preparation, on the market neither there are many ready-made to “fill”, and you can also buy them online.

Now you just have to try to create one with your children or think about which one to buy to create the real Christmas spirit at home.

advent calendar with children
image from adobestock

Did you unimamme make the advent calendar? Did you know this Christmas tradition?

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