What should you drink in the morning to start your day well?

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October 25, 2020

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une petit dejeuner
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We all have our little habits to start the day off right. However, some habits are better than others. To enlighten us on the best drink to take when you wake up, HuffPost asked several nutritionists for their opinions on the matter.

Water: the best drink when you wake up

The majority of nutritionists interviewed by the HuffPost indicated that water was the perfect drink to start the day. ” You might not wake up feeling thirsty, but drinking water when you wake up is a healthy habit to keep hydrated throughout the day. “, has explained Vicki Shanta Retelny, nutritionist and dietician. Experts point out that we don’t have to drink tap water, and that we can choose whatever type of water we prefer.

Hot or iced tea is recommended for people who want to turn to a healthy morning drink. According to the nutritionist and dietician Toby Smithson, several studies have shown the benefits of tea for health. In particular, it would prevent and manage diabetes. The polyphenols in the drink are said to improve insulin sensitivity, maintain proper blood pressure, and reduce the risk of developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

une petit dejeuner
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Some drinks should be avoided

Bulletproof coffee has been particularly popular for some time. This is a coffee containing butter and oil (usually coconut oil). It would allow you to lose weight while increasing your intellectual capacities tenfold. However, nutritionists do not seem convinced by the virtues of this drink. According to the dietician Barbara ruhs, it would even be far from healthy. In addition, the nutritionist and dietitian Amanda frankeny indicates that no serious study proves that drinking butter coffee helps you lose weight.

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The latter also warns us against detox drinks. ” Beware of so-called detox drinks. Our major organs are already strong detox systems. Your body knows how to cleanse itself. If you feed it, it will fend for itself », She indicated. In addition, nutritionists are also wary of energy drinks. On the other hand, the juice which is currently of bad reputation would not represent any health risk.

Experts say the first drink in the morning is important. They indicate that it is prohibited to start the day with processed or sugary drinks. These can give a feeling of dynamism at first, but will inevitably give a bad feeling a little later in the day.

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