Why do cats like computers?

January 4, 2021

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm, thousands of people started working from home. This has not only decreased the number of cases, it has also allowed them to spend more time with their families and pets.

However, sharing your space with your pet can be difficult, especially when it comes to your cat and his obsession with you computer or keyboard. Here’s why they love to lie on them so much while you work.


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Cats and their obsession with computers

According to the portal PetMD, to the cats they like to sit on the computers and keyboards for several reasons. As the expert Arden Moore explains, computers and keyboards are “hotit’s fun to sit on them and they are caught between you and the monitor. ” Although it can also be due to curiosity, since cats have always been very curious creatures.

On the other hand, the magazine Reader’s Digest indicates that everything is because your cat wants to get your Attention. The expert Marilyn Krieger explains that cats like to sit on computers or keyboards “because they are close to their favorite person and thus they can be in the center of attention”, in addition, “usually people reinforce this behavior by stroking the cat and / or talk to him. Cats quickly understand that when they sit on the keyboard they get what they want: attention. ”

According to the portal InverseCats love to lie on certain objects because it keeps them warm, however, this is not the only reason behind this particular behavior. The expert Amy Shojai told the portal that it is about getting your attention, since “you observe the computer constantly and cats would rather you direct your attention to them, so it comes between you and the screen. ”

Photo: AP

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On the other hand, the portal Slate he consulted Mikel Delgado, an expert at the University of California, Davis. Delgado said that when a cat sits at your computer or keyboard, it’s because he’s looking for one of three things: hot, height or attention.

So now you know, if you cat interrupts you while you study or work from home, you can implement the following actions to keep him away from your computer:

1. Make sure your cat has a warm, comfortable place to sleep.

2. Buy him a tree for cat, since this way they will have a good vision and can play and be distracted while you work.

3. Remember to give your cat attention and affection.

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