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Winter Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Instant Tasty Healthy Paneer Chilla Recipe At Home to double the fun of rain in hindi


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If it is rainy season and you get to eat hot and hot healthy cheela in the breakfast, then not only the weather also makes you happy. So, of late, let’s know how to make this tasty cheese cheela made instantly.

material :
Gram flour 200 grams, cheese 75 grams, onion, garlic, four green chillies, (all finely chopped), coriander (one teaspoon), ginger (one teaspoon), red chilli one teaspoon, fennel (one teaspoon) , Parsley (a small spoon), oil to bake and salt as per taste.

Method :
For the paneer chila recipe, first grate the paneer. Then filter the gram flour. Then mix all the ingredients with paneer in it. Now make a batter by adding a little water to the mixture. This solution should be like a batter of pakoras, neither too thin, nor too thick. Beat the solution thoroughly and then cover it for 15 minutes. Now heat a non stick tava. When the griddle is hot, add 1/2 teaspoon of oil to the griddle and spread it all over the surface. Keep in mind that oil is only used to lubricate the griddle, if there is too much oil on the griddle, wipe it with the griddle. When the griddle is hot, reduce the heat and pour 2-3 tablespoons of the batter over the griddle and spread it evenly. When the bottom surface of the cheela is golden, turn it and bake it. Likewise bake all the cheela. You can serve it with chutney or sauce.

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