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Winter Greens cooking tips: know the right way to buy and cook saag during winters in hindi


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Winter Greens Cooking Tips: If it is winter and the taste of greens is not on the tongue, it is as if the fun of the cold has remained incomplete. Markets are decorated with green leafy vegetables during the winter season. These leafy vegetables, called greens, are rich in antioxidants and are also an excellent source of folate. Consuming them helps in reducing cholesterol levels. But if its selection is not done properly while buying greens or if it is not stored well after purchasing, then its profit and taste will not last long. In such a situation, to enjoy the hot greens in winter, you need to buy and store the greens properly. Let’s know how.

Keep these things in mind when buying greens-
While buying greens, it is very important to keep in mind that the greens are fresh. For this you choose greens with dark green leaves. Take care that the greens leaves are not yellow or brown. If one of the leaves has a brown or yellow patch, discard the whole bunch. Remember that one day old greens lose some of their nutritional value. Also, do not put them in a plastic bag, especially a wet plastic bag, after purchasing the greens.

How to store greens
Before storing the greens well, wash it thoroughly at least 4-5 times. By doing this, all the dirt deposited in the leaves will be cleared. Now allow the greens to dry completely, then put them in a zip lock or paper bag, but keep the bag open. If you do not have a zip lock, you can also put leafy vegetables in a newspaper. Store the greens in a cool temperature. Remember never store greens with fruits like bananas and apples, as they spoil the greens quickly.



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