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The wooden games for children are back in vogue among the parents both because they are safer and because they are more beautiful to look at.

Wooden toys for children (unsplash source)

And here we are back in an instant in the mythical eighties. It seems strange, but they are changing their habits on how to make the little ones play. Now parents need something that sets it in motion both the artistic side of the child and the logical one.

Unfortunately, today’s toys, made exclusively of plastic, tend to displace these aspects by trying to entertain your baby as much as possible with colorful lights and robotic voices interacting with them.

Apparently, however, the new trend among parents is to buy old toys made of wood for their little ones. The reasons are many both because they are much more beautiful both because they are more sustainablebut also safer.

In addition, wooden toys have that old-style charm that conquers everyone, even children are enthusiastic about it. In addition there is to consider that, according to some recent research, the way children play is fundamental for their future.

Since the fashion of wooden toys is spreading like wildfire, toy manufacturers have ventured into creating one wooden version of everything that already exists in plastic: dolls, trains, buildings, rocking horses, dollhouses, puzzle, mini kitchens with all the tools, kit to be a doctor, but also to make up.

In short, those who have more put more and the world of wooden toys, which now seemed to have completely vanished, has regained great strength and charm.

Wooden toys for children 10 reasons to buy them

Child playing (unsplash source)
Child playing (unsplash source)

So, having said that wooden toys have an endless charm and which can be used for other purposes than plastic ones, we recommend 10 good reasons to buy them and make happy not only your little one, but also yourself. Obviously always without exaggerating in the purchase, which can be wrong for children.

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1)They are very resistant. Compared to other games that easily break, these wooden ones are a lot difficult to destroy, especially considering that young children tend to throw everything, with these you will have the possibility not to worry that they will open up in a thousand pieces and prevent the child from swallowing them.

2)They develop the mind. Wooden toys stimulate many aspects of the child’s mind that plastic ones tend to sleep, such as colored lights or robotic voices. Instead with the wooden toys the little one must strive to build something, developing his artistic side.

3) You can easily switch from play to rest. In the sense that many pediatricians advise against it, before putting the baby to sleep, to excite him with sounds, lights and noises, because in this way it could be more difficult to sleep and especially bad sleep. With wooden toys, all this would vanish and so the child can use them even just before going to sleep.

4) They increase the ability to move. The wooden toys having another weight make the child more aware of his strength and his physique. In this way he has the ability to move better and act more easily.

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5) They develop the logical abilities of the child. To play with it, the child must start to work hard and find a way to always have new adventures.

6) Better visual-manual coordination. Since the hands become the main agents for playing, the child begins to coordinate hand and eye.

7) They are ecological. Compared to plastic toys, some of which are very toxic and even difficult to dispose of, once disused, wooden toys are easier to recycle, but also to reuse.

8) They are safer. Being made with gods natural materials, avoid damaging the health of your children. Be careful though paints that must be exclusively non-toxic.

9) They are silent. From the nineties onwards we have been used to seeing all those noisy games that when they come on make a great chaos, combined with the screams of the child everything becomes very unmanageable. For this reason the wooden ones are a cure-all for your ears.

10) They allow the child to develop the interaction. In fact, playing alone with the wooden toys after a little stove, for this reason it is easier for the child to want to interact with a peer in order to do something more fun.

Wooden toys (unsplash source)
Wooden toys (unsplash source)

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And you Unimamme which games do you prefer? Plastic or wooden ones?

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