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Year Ender 2020 most popular and trending recipes of 2020


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The beginning of 2020 was a happy one, but in March due to the Corona epidemic, several months of lockdown changed people’s lives. Among the many negative changes, one positive was that people got plenty of time to spend at home. In such a situation, people created a lot of creativity. Many recipes were tried the most, especially in lockdown. Most of these indigenous recipes were enchanted. Come, let’s have a look at trending recipes-

Both semolina and flour dominated Golgappas. Most of the people in the lockdown tried goals. YouTube channels helped most in making Gol Gappa.

Syrup field rings
Jalebi is definitely remembered as soon as sweet is mentioned. In the lockdown, people made jalebi fiercely and tasted without caring about obesity.


People made momos in lockdown by giving a healthy touch to the momos found in the market. In it, cheese, vegetables momos were fiercely enjoyed.

Dalgona Coffee
Those who missed coffee at Coffee Home also tried Dalgona coffee at home. Dalgona coffee recipe was one of the trending recipes on the internet.

All the dishes on one side and the desi recipe on one side. The samosa lovers made samosas fiercely with new experiments.


sweet dish
Gulab Jamun is a very popular sweet dish among Indians. This lockdown also overshadowed the trend of different recipes of Gulab Jamun.

Choumin / Hakka Noodles
Choumin and Hakka Noodles were also the most trending recipes in lockdown. People made Choumin and Hakka Noodles with many experiments.

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