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200,000 ducks have been slaughtered in France to stem bird flu

– pixinoo / The latest report from the Ministry of Agriculture reports 61 outbreaks of avian flu contamination in France in the 1er January 2021, much of which is located in the southwest. More than 200,000 ducks have been slaughtered to contain the spread of the disease, and around 400,000 more will soon suffer […]

Florida plans to encourage consumption of invasive pythons

– Ti_ser / Present in Florida since the 1980s, pythons have multiplied on the territory over the years, until they become an invasive species. Today, local authorities are considering employing a rather surprising method to regulate the growing population in the Everglades. In particular, they are in the process of determining whether the reptile […]

Rare man dies of rabies after coming into contact with bat

– Lee Yiu Tung / It is an announcement that worries more than one. In 2019, a man died of rabies after being bitten or scratched by a bat. How can this extremely rare disease happen in mainland France? Explanations in the rest of the article. Is rabies back in France? It’s a shock […]

Weddell seals communicate using ultrasound

– Sergey 402 / Scientists in the United States recently described the incredible sounds produced by Weddell seals as they roamed under the ice of Antarctica. They chirped, hissed and cooed at sound frequencies inaudible to the human ear. High frequency vocalizations For these works recently presented in the Journal of the Acoustical Society […]

Perfectly preserved body of woolly rhino found in Russia

– AuntSpray / The melting of the Siberian permafrost has led to the discovery of numerous remains of prehistoric animals over the decades. The most recent turns out to be an incredibly well-preserved woolly rhino. 80% intact remains In recent years, the carcasses of an incredibly well-preserved cave lion, foal or woolly mammoth have […]

Climate change affects a third of UK birds

According to this vast study compiling data collected over the past fifty years, the impact of global warming on bird populations in the United Kingdom is generally positive. Explanations. 24 of the 68 species analyzed impacted by global warming The research carried out jointly by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and the government conservation […]

Young alligators can regrow their tails

– Dennis W Donohue / Researchers have found that juvenile alligators can, to some extent, regrow their caudal appendages. According to their analyzes, the regenerated parts could reach a fifth of the total length of their body. “The spectrum of the regenerative capacity of species is fascinating” For this study published in the journal […]

The massacre of 540 animals killed by Spanish hunters outraged Portugal

– Steve Oehlenschlager / It is a revolting environmental scandal that unfolded in Portugal: nearly 540 animals were slaughtered during a hunting trip in Lisbon. Faced with the indignation of the public and activists, the Portuguese public prosecutor’s office decided to open an investigation into this event, which was qualified as an “environmental crime” […]

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