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How to travel Europe?

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Weather in Europe

In the travel dictionary, Europe is termed as the fairy-tale castle. There is no way to travel Europe and not become flabbergasted with the artistic beauty of the land. Traveling to Europe can be very expensive if you live in the far-flung domain. People in the vicinity of Europe can visit Europe with the help of trains and ferries but places that are not connected by land, people can only go by air.

Many airlines do offer discounted airline tickets to travel Europe. There are in total 853 airports in Europe amongst which the Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the busiest one which is only 25km from Paris Downtown. S7, Gulf Air, Emirates, Iceland Air, and Qatar Airways are some airlines that connect Europe with the rest of the world.

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Which places to travel in Europe?

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Europe never disappoints when it comes to ancient architecture, midnight cities, and grand museums. There are many amazing places to visit while you travel to Europe. The first and probably the most visited one in Venice, Italy. Venice has hundreds of lagoons that rests over the sea. The water is very sharp and clear. In Venice you will find water streams and canals instead of roads and highways.

Another lively place to visit is Granada’s Alhambra, Spain. This complex architectural masterpiece is an epitome of Islamic art. According to archeologists it was built 800 years ago during the Moorish rule. Kensington Hyde Park in London’s nightlife in Britain will surely take your breath away. London city is rich in nightclubs, pubs and concert halls.

Ancient Rome in Italy offer superb architecture. As an old saying goes: When in Rome, do what Romans do. One aspect of this saying extends to the luxurious life that Romans used to live. The deep valleys in Fjord, Norway will force your heart to skip a beat. The breathtaking waterfalls are worth staring at. Last but not the least, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is everyone’s dream destination. It delivers a staggering panoramic view of the entire city.

Weather in Europe

What you need before you travel?

Before you travel Europe there are certain things you must consider. While you travel Europe, you will switch to many cities and places so make sure you travel will enough clothes. If you wish to travel with ease pack light stuff only. You can buy thick and heavy clothes anywhere in Europe in case the weather changes.

Long flights can induce jet-lag so make sure you have a decent sleep a night before you travel to Europe. If you travel cashless make sure you call your credit card company to enable international transactions on your card. The important documents you will need is a valid passport and visa. At the airport, you can expect crowds so you have to be patient.

Moreover prohibited items must not be packed in the luggage. The prohibited items include electronic equipment, aerosols, sharp objects, and flammable liquids.


Europe Map


What to wear? What to buy?

You must pack casual clothes because almost all the time you will be busy exploring new places. Europe has a moderate climate in summers and a very cold climate in winter. If you travel to Europe in summers you can pack denim, shorts, t-shirts and pea caps while if you travel in winters you will need some jackets and overcoats.

You can also buy winter clothes in Europe to avoid luggage overweight. Make sure you travel with the finest clothes because you’d love to have your pictures clicked that will preserve your travel Europe memory. Europe consists of different masses of land separated by borders so each place has its own local product that attracts tourists. All the places with their respective souvenirs are enlisted below:

  1. Germany- Beer
  2. Italy- Leather Products
  3. Croatia -Licitar
  4. The Netherlands: Delftware
  5. Austria: Mozartkugeln
  6. Romania: Wooden spoon
  7. Spain: Handheld fan
  8. Turkey: Turkish coffee
  9. Poland: Amber
  10. Sweden: Dala horse
  11. Greece: Evil eye beads
  12. France: Camembert cheese

Most surprising things about visiting Europe!

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There are many facts about Europe, some are surprising and some are quite weird. Europe has the highest GDP in the world because many European countries have strong economies. Europeans consume more than 50% of the total chocolate produced in the world. If you travel to Europe you will only visit some selected countries because you cannot manage to go to all 64 countries in Europe.

Due to this Europe has a multitude and spectrum of different cultures. Italy is the home to the most gigantic volcanoes in the world. Stratovolcano at Mount Etna is the largest volcano in Italy. One of the towns in Wales even has the name Lanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogo.

At 58 letters, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch is the longest town name in all of Europe. It wasn’t always the town’s name, though—in the 1860s, the name was developed as a way to entice tourists to make the town a stop on their travels. It’s an amalgamation of the Welsh words and names for local landmarks, and it’s probably the best PR stunt of the 1860s—or today. So yeah, welcome to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch! You don’t need to be able to say it to enjoy your stay.


Easy words to know before vacation

Europe is known as the home to a family of languages. There are multiple languages spoken all over the Europe such as Danish, English, German, Swedish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. Few selected courtesy words to know before you travel Europe are enlisted below:

  • Tak in Danish means Thank You
  • Undskyld in Danish means Excuse me
  • Danke in German means Thank You
  • Ja in German means Yes
  • Comment allez-vous in French means how are you?
  • Hola in Spanish means Hello
  • Adios in Spanish means Goodbye

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Weather in Europe

In central Europe, winds blow throughout the ear because this part is not protected by mountain ranges. In Northern Europe summers are hot whereas winters are very cold characterized by heavy snowfall. In the Mediterranean, region summers are very hot while the winters are mild to moderate. Therefore Europe has a mixture of weather patterns.


Safety Tips

Some safety tips to follow while you travel Europe are mentioned below:

  1. Keep your belongings safe, in the hotel room
  2. While on the beach keep an eye over your valuables
  3. Travel cashless, such as an international credit card or the traveler’s check

Map Of  Europe | Google Map Of Europe


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the best travel time?

In middle Europe the weather is moderate so you can go there throughout the ear but in regions that are very hot you must travel between October and March.

  • How can I pay the tickets?

The currency in Europe is the Euros but you can take along your credit card for payments

  • What is an ICE?

The ICE is the express train service in Germany


Europe is the most-visited place in the world and travelling to Europe will surely be worth it. So what are you thinking, travel Europe and increase your travel score






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