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Quality Memory mattress on sale

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We have selected best quality memory mattresses and non memory mattress for ALL. Keep your back healthy!

High quality Mattresses, best Price now!


We have, after tedious research, selected high quality waterbed mattresses from Amazon, Walmart, Sears which are on sale and have great reviews from customers who already used them.


ALLShapes is ALL about good health, good food, good life style. Sleeping is an essential part of this style, so our editors have selected some Best Memory Foam Mattress for cheap price. Look for Best Memory Foam Mattress for back pain relief. We showcase Best Memory Foam Mattress from amazon, these Mattresses come in box.

Selected 3 Lists Of Affordable WaterBed


Detailed Information On  Highly Reviewed 8 Lists Of Affordable WaterBed

Muse Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Cal King Size, Medium Firmness - Sleeps Cooler Than Traditional Foam - Made in USA & CertiPUR Certified …
52 Reviews
Muse Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Cal King Size, Medium Firmness - Sleeps Cooler Than Traditional Foam - Made in USA & CertiPUR Certified …
  • MOST MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES PROVIDE ONLY 1 FIRMNESS LEVEL THAT OFTEN DOESN’T CATER TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS OR PROVIDE ENOUGH SUPPORT, throwing the spine out of alignment and causing BODY ACHES & PAIN. The Muse Cooling Gel Memory Foam Cal King Size Mattress offers 3 LEVELS OF SUPPORT to choose from – SOFT, MEDIUM & FIRM – to customize your mattress & ensure you get THE BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP POSSIBLE. Take our signature MATTRESS QUIZ to discover which level will work best for you.
  • WHILE TRADITIONAL FOAM MATTRESSES RETAIN HEAT, OURS IS THE ONLY BED MADE WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE COOLING, PHASE-CHANGE FABRIC, which ABSORBS HEAT & FEELS COOL TO THE TOUCH. Our memory foam mattress features 3 HIGH-PERFORMING LAYERS for a balance of comfort & support, with a BREATHABLE, TEMPERATURE-REGULATING TOP LAYER for all the benefits of memory foam plus COOLING GEL, so you avoid heat retention & sleep cool. Our WASHABLE COOLING COVER is made with unique DIAMOND BREEZE YARNS for extra cooling!
  • AFTER HEARING COMPLAINTS about other memory foam mattresses BREAKING DOWN & FORMING DEEP, PERMANENT DEPRESSIONS AFTER JUST A FEW MONTHS, we resolved to design ours differently. Crafted with the HIGHEST QUALITY FOAMS & FABRICS, our 12" mattress – that's 2" THICKER THAN MOST – features ULTRA SUPPORTIVE CENTER LAYERS TO prevent sinking and a STRONG, DENSE FOUNDATION for additional durability. Comes with our signature 120-NIGHT SLEEP TRIAL & limited 10-YEAR WARRANTY, plus FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS.
  • GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP – AND GIVE BACK, TOO! For every 10 mattresses sold, WE DONATE 1 MATTRESS TO A CHARITY IN NEED. Designed locally in Charlotte, North Carolina, and CRAFTED WITH CARE IN THE UNITED STATES, we’re proud to support American jobs and manufacturing. The perfect addition to your bedroom furniture, our gel foam Cal king mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, low in VOCs, and FREE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS.
  • AT MUSE, WE BELIEVE YOU DESERVE TO SLEEP LIKE YOU – NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Why settle for a “one-size-fits-all” mattress, or a “universal” sleep solution? DIFFERENCES ARE MEANT TO BE CELEBRATED. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your foam gel mattress in a box bed set, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY and we will work with you to make things right. All purchases include a 120-NIGHT SLEEP TRIAL and 10-YEAR WARRANTY, plus FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS.


You deserve to sleep like you—not like everyone else. That simple idea is the cornerstone of our brand.

Don’t spend another night on a one-size-fits-all mattress. Choose your Muse and start sleeping inspired. Muse is available in a soft, medium, and firm comfort option to cater to your body type, sleep position, and temperature preference.

By choosing our cooling, gel-infused mattress in the best firmness for you, you’ll fall asleep faster, experience more restful sleep, and wake up pain free.

For over a decade, the founders of Muse Sleep, Gabe, Rick and Matthieu, have partnered with one of the world’s leading engineers, product developers, foam suppliers and textile enthusiasts to build one of the coolest sleep companies on the planet. At their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, the team works tirelessly to design innovative sleep products at a fair price, while giving back to those less fortunate. For every ten mattresses sold, Muse donates one mattress to a charity in need.


Choose your comfort option by firmness preference or sleep position.

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The Soft Mattress

  • Soft, plush, and comfy feel—it’s like sleeping on a cloud
  • Support that keeps your body aligned and cradles your shoulders and hips
  • Gel-infused comfort foam sleeps cool, soft, and cozy
  • Great for side sleepers and some back sleepers

The Medium Mattress

  • Great support throughout. Not too firm, not too soft
  • Firm to the touch with the perfect amount of comfort and give
  • Contours to your body for comfort and support at any angle
  • Recommended for all sleeping positions—back, side, stomach, and multi-position

The Firm Mattress

  • Solid and supportive feel with minimal bounce on the surface
  • Keeps body elevated and allows for better circulation
  • Keeps hips from sinking down and causing discomfort
  • Recommended for stomach or back sleeping positions




CopperRest Sleep 9' King Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box | Firm Omniconstructed Premium Mattress | 15 Year Warranty and 60 Night Sleep Guarantee
47 Reviews
CopperRest Sleep 9" King Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box | Firm Omniconstructed Premium Mattress | 15 Year Warranty and 60 Night Sleep Guarantee
  • THE WORLD'S HEALTHIEST MATTRESS: Get all of the health benefits our copper infused beds provide! Copper infused technology is proven to provide Bone or Joint relief and Improved Circulation
  • THE ULTIMATE IN LUXURY, COMFORT AND COOLING: Our hand crafted beds conform to every individual, providing the most unique feel and very best quality sleep. Copper infused gel technology sheds heat to provide a cool temperature for the best possible sleep.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Hand crafted by Accord Comfort Sleep Systems gives us complete control over quality and design.
  • CONVENIENT SHIPPING: Mattresses are rolled and vaccum compressed in a way that they ship conveniently in a box to your door through FedEx/UPS.

CopperRest Silver mattresses are the healthiest mattresses in the world. This is because of how they’re made and because of how they’re crafted from only premium core construction materials, using our exclusive Accord Comfort Reflex Layer, providing you the best support without the worries of generating pressure points like coil spring mattresses.

Your CopperRest mattress will give you the best sleep experience of your life because of the copper infused gel latex that’s inside your mattress. This copper infused gel latex gives you a firm but plush feel, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and wicks away body heat to keep the top of your mattress breathable and cool so you get the best sleep possible.

Your CopperRest “bed-in-a box” is unique because of the many health benefits that copper offers. Tracing history back to ancient Egypt and Greece, healers have long understood the connection between copper and health. Ancient Egyptian texts reveal copper as a cure for headaches, burns, itching, and even “trembling limbs.” Writings by Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, mention using copper to treat many ailments, such as bone/joint relief, better blood flow and circulation, and is perfect for anyone who suffers with allergies and other health related issues.

All CopperRest mattresses are constructed in the USA where we have complete control over quality construction to avoid issues like odors that come along when buying bed-in-a-box from other imported brands.

CopperRest and our parent company have been in business since 1980 and have hand crafted these beds based on all our years of experience in the industry. We love them and know you will, too.


The Worlds Healthiest Mattress

conforms to your individual body

support image

bed in a box

Mattresses built with you in mind

Ideally, you want to be confident that your mattress is built with your comfort and health in mind. You can rest easy, knowing we’ve got your back because we’ve developed a mattress just for you, that will result in the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Mattresses that are actually supportive

Without support, a mattress is only comfortable for a short period of time. Our exclusive Accord Comfort Reflex Layer provides the ideal base to help you achieve the best night’s sleep possible.

Easy and conveniently shipped to you

Your CopperRest is not only the world’s healthiest mattress, but you won’t have to spend a million dollars to have it shipped to your home. Our mattress is conveniently shipped to you and will be compatible with your bed frame giving you the freedom of simplicity and flexibility that’ll save you time and money.


Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties

Egyptian and Greek healers have long understood the connection between copper and good health. Ancient texts reveal copper as a cure for headaches, burns, itching, and even “trembling limbs.” Even the father of modern-day medicine, Hippocrates, mentions using copper to treat varicose veins, as well as to heal and treat other ailments. Today, modern science confirms what ancient people already knew: Copper’s natural antibacterial properties prohibit the growth of bacteria, keeps your mattress free from unwelcome guests that can make you sick while you sleep, and naturally kills germs so they don’t multiply in your mattress. Copper also contains natural antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of fungus, mold, and other allergens so you can rest soundly. With a CopperRest mattress, you’ll breathe easier and wake feeling rested and refreshed.


Never Worry about Hip and Shoulder Pain Again

Using our exclusive Accord Comfort Reflex Layer, CopperRest mattresses are supportive and conform to your body’s unique shape so you don’t ever have to lose sleep over pressure points that can cause hip and shoulder pain that can be caused by traditional coil spring mattresses. Our CopperRest mattress is made with a layer of copper and gel-infused latex that has been shown to relieve joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. Similar to the way ancient healers grasped the power of copper, modern medicine is rediscovering the incredible healing properties of copper.


We think, finally, a Mattress that’s Breathable and Cool

Early models of memory foam beds weren’t very breathable, leaving many people with memory foam mattresses to complain about feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. CopperRest is different because it’s designed to relieve joint and muscle tension, because of the layer of gel-infused copper latex. This will give you the healthiest night sleep because of how the mattress transfers heat through a wick-away technology, keeping the top of the mattress breathable and cool, so you get the best possible sleep experience.



  • HIGH QUALITY & SLEEK DESIGN: Crafted with 13" of ultra premium memory foams. A 5-layered design balances the right level of cushioning and support along the entire length of the body.
  • COMFORTABLE COOLING: Gel memory foam is infused with millions of active beads that regulate temperature and provide a cool to the touch feel.
  • SUPPORTIVE: Responds to body heat and movement, reshaping to distribute body weight and relieve pressure.
  • VERSATILE: Works with all bed frame types. Compatible with box springs, slatted frames and adjustable foundations.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Designed and built in the USA. 97% of iComfort mattress owners have said they would recommend iComfort to a friend.



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