Feminicide in Algeria: According to an expert, the application of the law protecting women is not followed

Since the beginning of the year, until November 2020, no less than 43 feminicides have been recorded in Algeria, while the country has only five reception centers for women victims of violence. Indeed, according to the doctoral student in anthropology and member of the Wassila Network, Saâdia Gacem, Algeria, which recorded at least 43 feminicides […]

Pink October: GAM Assurances commits to the fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer is unfortunately the most common and deadliest cancer in women. The earlier this cancer is detected, the greater the chances of a cure. Thanks to early detection, half of breast cancers are detected! As part of the annual “Pink October” campaign, GAM Assurances is mobilized to raise awareness among women and men in […]

50 younger girls searching for jobs take part in U.S. Embassy mentorship program

The Embassy of america of America in Algiers, in collaboration with World Studying, organized a certificates ceremony for the advantage of the contributors of the Bawsala mentoring program, on September 26 in Oran and October 3 in Algiers . This yr this system put 50 younger girls searching for work in contact with ten feminine […]

Good to know: 5 daily habits that cause sagging breasts

Sagging breasts are inevitable. Having a baby and breastfeeding, for example, helps lower collagen, the tissue that makes the connection below the skin. Relaxation can also be due to heredity; if your mother had a hanging chest, you have a predisposition to have the same thing (thank you mom!) Certain everyday behaviors that seem harmless […]

Expecting mom: Prevent toxoplasmosis

Some women are not immune to toxoplasmosis (one in two pregnant women). This condition is detected when taking blood during early pregnancy. In the event of non-immunization, a check is carried out every month. If the parasite is detected, antibiotic treatment is prescribed to prevent infection of the baby. Remember that toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage […]

Beauty – Bananas: a natural remedy for dry skin and fragile hair

In addition to their incredible virtues for health, bananas are also used for aesthetic purposes, it is an effective natural moisturizer for the skin and hair… Bananas are truly a natural remedy for many diseases and their virtues for health is no longer to prove. When you compare it to an apple, it contains 4 […]

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